Traffic offenders: Four-year-olds have to pay a fine of 23,138 euros


Four-year-olds have to pay a fine of 23,138 euros

Traffic offenders: Four-year-olds have to pay a fine of 23,138 euros-traffic

A child aged four as a traffic offender – French law makes it possible

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In France, a court sentenced a toddler in his prime as a toy to a hefty fine. His family found a crazy loophole in the law in order to pass traffic tickets on to the son of a man.

S.Since July 2010 a family from Cannes in the south of France has been playing “Easy Rider” on the streets. She didn’t care about speed limits or orderly parking. Tolls on motorways were also cheated. TuV expired? Never mind. The little one will pay for it.

Insane judgment in the absence of parents

The number of traffic violations added up to 70 in two years, resulting in claims totaling EUR 23,138. When the toddler was in default for understandable reasons, the authorities went to court. A court in Antibes now heard the case – in the absence of the family – and came to an astonishing verdict: Because the filius does not have a driver’s license, no points are earned for the 70 traffic offenses. However, he has to pay the fines of EUR 23,138. The four-year-old mind you, the parents cannot be prosecuted, the judiciary found. Since the little one is not of criminal age, the state treasury has to wait for execution.

Morally questionable loophole

What that has to do with morality and decency, if in future parents can pass their traffic sins on their children, may be extremely worrying. The fact that it can come to this at all is due to a loophole in the law. Since 1984 minors have been able to obtain a driver’s license in exceptional cases. This also gives adolescents the opportunity to buy a car. However, a driver’s license is not required for admission. As the holder of the “carte grise”, the vehicle registration, he is liable for offenses, unless he names the actual traffic offender.

Cars can also be registered for minors in Germany, for example if tax advantages can be claimed for a disabled child. However, they can never become holders. For this, according to German law, they must have power of disposal over the car. This differentiation between keeper and owner does not exist in France.

Imitators are expected

It is not known whether the parents consciously took advantage of the gap or closed their eyes and followed the motto. However, the French authorities fear that if the loophole is not closed, admissions to minors could soar rapidly.

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