Traffic planning: ADAC warns of a complete collapse of the motorways


ADAC warns of a complete collapse of the motorways

Traffic planning: ADAC warns of a complete collapse of the motorways-complete

The ADAC predicts ever longer traffic jams, such as here at the Stuttgarter Kreuz

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More and more traffic, more and more bottlenecks, more and more traffic jams. A study initiated by the ADAC predicts this. The club is demanding more money for road construction. But there are other views as well.

E.It doesn’t have to be a complete standstill. But in the nearly 13,000-kilometer network of German autobahns, there are enough places where nothing works on a regular basis. Commuters in particular know them very well and often suffer from them every day. Especially in rush-hour traffic, cars roll close to one another in all lanes, and hopefully all feet will take off the accelerator in time at the threading points.

Such bottlenecks significantly increase the risk of traffic jams and accidents. And in the future there will be more and more of them, that follows from a study that the ADAC had carried out. But there is not enough money to take countermeasures.

What does the ADAC forecast predict?

"There is a threat of collapse on the autobahns," warns the ADAC verbatim. With its 18 million members, the club is a powerful lobby organization – and of course it is fighting for more funds for the streets. He uses the figures calculated by the transport consultancy Intraplan as an argument.

For the year 2010, the traffic advisors attested 1,600 kilometers of motorway only inadequate or even worse traffic quality. Intraplan believes it should be 2000 by 2025. The experts have already taken into account that several planned construction projects will be implemented in the next few years. They also took into account that assistance systems in cars will increase the capacity of the lanes by 2025.

What does "congested motorways" mean?

For the investigation, motorway sections were classified into different traffic quality levels. For this purpose, data from traffic counts, the number of lanes and driving speeds were taken into account.

For the year 2025, for example, the fact that a maximum of 12,650 vehicles roll over a section in 24 hours is considered to be very good or good quality for the flow of traffic. In the worst stages, however, a section has to cope with 28,750 or even more vehicles in the same period of time.

Certain routes are particularly affected?

Germany is a transit country, especially the motorways 1 to 9 are central long-distance traffic arteries. Many heavy trucks roll on them, which do not exactly accelerate the flow of traffic. According to the study, these motorways alone account for 1300 of the 2000 problem kilometers that are expected in 2025.

In economically strong regions with large metropolitan areas, Intraplan already considers every fifth kilometer of the motorway to be congested. This applies above all to North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Wurttemberg. The experts believe that Lower Saxony and Bavaria could also reach this level by 2025. After all: the experts are not worried about the sparsely populated Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

What to do about congested roads?

For the ADAC the answer is: invest. "The federal government must make significantly more financial resources available," demands ADAC Vice President Ulrich Klaus Becker. Important routes should urgently be expanded to three or four lanes.

In the federal government, Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) is already struggling for more money after he regularly flashes Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with thoughts of a car toll. He has already negotiated an extra billion, and in the budget consultations for 2013 it should be another billion. However, the annual gap between the wishes of the planners and what can be financed is even 2.5 billion euros.

However, not all argue like the ADAC: This is how the ecologically oriented Verkehrsclub Deutschland VCD advertises other relief investments. He wants more truck transports to be shifted to rail.

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