Traffic rules: aren’t we all traffic offenders?


And what a traffic offender you are?

Traffic rules: aren't we all traffic offenders?-rules

Eating ice cream, reading the news, having fun with the children – whether it doesn’t attract attention in traffic?

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Points collectors are not outsiders to society. They just have the feeling that they have more important things to do than obey the traffic rules. A small typology.

Vlet’s forget about the notorious speeders. Because we’re not on "The Fast and the Furious". Most of the points in Flensburg are collected by normal people with normal cars.

How amazed I was when I had to surrender my driver’s license just because I was driving a little too fast here and disregarding a lane marking! I? One of the bad guys? That just could not be the case!

I voluntarily attended a seminar on reducing points. The people I met there all had their reasons for swearing, yelling, or talking on the phone in the car.

None of them thought anything when driving over the red traffic light, taking a short cut across the terrace of a snack bar or when transporting insufficiently secured cargo.

Over the course of four full-day sessions and a test drive, I gradually realized that there are certain types of point collectors that you come across again and again, in life and on the road. They are traffic offenders like you and me.

The distracted one

He sees the car as a moving office, canteen and youth room – all at the same time. With a big appetite, he feeds crumbly croissants or ketchup-drenched Krakauer rolls while drinking coffee to go from the half-liter cup. The headset button is in the ear – in case he thought of taking it with him.

If not, make a phone call he just like that, because when else does he get to do all those urgent calls? He answers messages via WhatsApp via audio, typing inquiries via Facebook Messenger, of course only in the right lane, because he is cautious. His music program is varied, and while driving, he flips through the folder with the 50 CDs or the playlist on the iPod with concentration.

Traffic rules: aren't we all traffic offenders?-offenders

Busy in the driver’s seat: Sometimes no hand is left free for the wheel

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If he is a business traveler, a lawyer or a lecturer, he rehearses the sales pitches, negotiations or lectures that he has in front of him while driving. He already knows that he’s driving a vehicle, but let’s be honest – there are more important things to do!

The busy one

Often it is women who have to get from A to B very quickly because they have to take care of everything. Before emancipation they had to manage the family, since emancipation the family and the job. Jutta from my seminar, for example, has young children in the class as a teacher and an old child at home as a good niece.

While she is guarding the sack of fleas on a school trip 100 kilometers away, her demented Uncle Ludwig opens the door to “craftsmen” at home, who are probably con artists. When Jutta finds out about it, she races home with a lead foot and an anger in her stomach that only people know who think: “Get away! Let me through, I have to go home very quickly, you Sunday drivers! "

That – and not a deliberate frenzy of jokes and dolls – drives the aggressive. The world is on her neck, everyone is in her way. Because if she is not on site in time and takes things in hand, nobody else will.

The empathic one

Where the distracted person takes their work behind the wheel, with the troubled person it is the emotions. Not her own, but those of the people she loves. She picks up her daughter from training, and she tearfully tells her that stupid Linus has treated her like air out of the blue, even though they have been together since last week.

Traffic rules: aren't we all traffic offenders?-Mazda offers greatest luxury road

Resolving family conflicts at the wheel can also be a real distraction for many a multitalented person

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A lovesick drama in the passenger seat, performed in "Heuldeutsch", the language of desperate teenagers. "Mummy! The ass acted as if nothing had been between us ”sounds like this in crying German:“ Ma! Demahaheusomehamaobnizwimmiuma! "

The mother has the unique ability to understand this language, but makes the mistake of engaging with her daughter’s suffering with too much empathy. Instead of being a confident support to her in the stationary car, she lets herself be thrown off track by the child’s desperation, in a moving car, of course.

The indifferent

He doesn’t give a shit about anything. His eyes are half-closed all day long, as if there were no times of the day, just dawn shortly after getting up. He speaks little or not at all, ignores all the rules and does not even stand up for his own interests.

According to the old count, the specimen of this genus had a full 18 points on the notch that I met in my seminar. In contrast to me (7 points), he had to attend without missing a lesson in order to keep his driver’s license and thus his income as a truck driver. He came to the first session – with a tired look, but he came.

On the day of the test drive with the driving instructor, he even brought his little daughter with him, for whom he had not found a babysitter. After that he was no longer seen in the course. The driving instructor phoned after him.

The indifferent was not sick, had not suffered a stroke of fate. He didn’t feel like it anymore. Like a child who is still not aware that action always has consequences.

The poser

The types described here differ from those that are presented in the official instruction sheets and work materials of driving aptitude seminars (as it is now called). The "Poser" is also available there, under the name "Imponierer".

In conventional traffic psychology, this usually refers to men who have pimped up their cars and let the machine howl loudly. Or nouveau riche alpha animals who stick a red Ferrari in the rearview mirror. However, I met a completely different type of person who impressed me – someone who didn’t show off his car, but his attitude to life.

Traffic rules: aren't we all traffic offenders?-Mazda offers greatest luxury road

Mostly men pose behind the wheel, but one or the other woman also wants to cut a cool figure in their luxury limousine

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It sticks to the stern in the form of opinion stickers and at the same time sounds as music from the turned down windows. With the hippie as reggae, with the surfer as melodypunk, with the angry young macho as gangsta rap. These men use their cars as a moving advertising pillar to announce their attitude – and for their poses they forget about the traffic.

The local

"Underpass. Brick. Graffiti on it. Left: ‘Shit BVB!’ Right: ‘S04 forever!’ Field, both sides. The field from old Schwattkamp. Three-field economy. Rapeseed, wheat, barley. Always alternating. Dirt road. Dirt road. House on the right. ”This is how Rainer describes the first stage of his daily way home on the country road.

He knows every field and every stalk. That’s why he doesn’t give a damn about the speed limit around his small village in Westphalia. The sign is justified for strangers, precisely because of the sharp S-curves, but not for him as a local. Many city dwellers see it just like Rainer.

I will never forget the trips with Uncle Dieter, who covered the distance from Dusseldorf’s old town to Neuss-Nord in what felt like five minutes and heated through the tunnel at 100 km / h like in a video game.

Businessmen who stick to the left lane at a speed of 250 km / h also belong in this category – as long-term travelers, unlike the occasional drivers on every motorway, they feel they are familiar with the area.

The outsider

No, we are not talking about representatives of the people who represent the elite instead of the people, but about parcel delivery men and truck drivers. They are faced with a dilemma: on the one hand, they have to adhere to the rules of the road traffic regulations, observe the safety regulations and adhere to the break times; on the other hand, they have to follow the holy commandments from the disposition, which tells them where to be with which cargo and when.

Traffic rules: aren't we all traffic offenders?-aren

Parcel carriers are constantly under time pressure

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No matter if that works or not. The truck driver Ralph becomes biblical: “The dispatcher is the Lord God, and the driver is Job. We surrender to fate. You will learn that in this profession as long as you are not your own boss. Most of us drive for that one up there. You don’t ask about the meaning of his plans. They have to be carried out one way or another. "

In addition to the constant parking in the second row, this leads to absurdities such as 500 kilometers empty drive to pick up cargo – or to trailers that have already been "loaded on site" and are so poorly packed that one could have done without lashing straps. But what can you do?

We who have been purified

And that should bring something? A seminar and you become a different person? Or at least another driver? Some are and will remain incorrigible, but for my part I can say that the words and wisdom of the seminar leader have actually changed me to the core.

Since then I have been driving more calmly, more carefully and with the knowledge that haste and hectic pace do not save a single minute. If the old habits come through and the car is transformed back into my moving office, I remember that a ship’s captain and a pilot also don’t rush off in a hurry or let themselves be distracted by a thousand tasks.

The following sentence from the driving instructor has also impressed me: “What exactly would be worse if everyone followed the rules in traffic?” The answer is obvious: Nothing. I only make one exception: if I can’t find a parking space in town. Where there are no dots, I continue to collect nodules in all colors and shapes.

Oliver Uschmann is editor-in-chief of the interview magazine “Galore”. He shared his experiences at the point reduction seminar with Sylvia Witt in the book “The traffic light was green! A look into the German car driver’s soul ”(Rowohlt, 272 pages, 9.99 euros) processed

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5 thoughts on “Traffic rules: aren’t we all traffic offenders?”

  1. The post fully confirms my experiences with small and large "Sinner" – there are three types:
    – the one who drives too slowly everywhere, never dares to approach the permitted speed, for whom acceleration and curves are the work of the devil, who is absolutely convinced that the car will fall apart immediately if you don’t rumble over the lowered curb at ultra-slow speed. Annoying!
    – the one for whom it is never fast enough, who always drives the speed limit plus 20-30, for whom play streets are pointless (no one plays there either), who never keeps a distance of more than two car lengths ("so that I can overtake immediately if I can").
    – those who generally don’t care about rules. Even in the car. Flash? Wrong parking? Belt? Crap. Stop sign, traffic light already red? So what? I especially love THEM….!

  2. Well, as is well known, it is always in the eye of the beholder who is a good and who is a bad driver. The good guy who walks calmly across the country road at 80 in the morning feel right, because they drive slowly and carefully and feel compelled when someone hits the back, tries to overtake, etc. Anyone who wants to get to their destination with a permitted and possible 100 km / h and is perhaps already close feels right, because 100 and not 90 or 80 or 70 are allowed on the country road. He drives safely even at 100 and the "Sneak" in front of him stops the rest of the traffic because he doesn’t have his box under control himself or simply wants to annoy the others. Who’s right now ?! 🙂

  3. "Without good reason, automobiles must not drive so slowly that they obstruct the flow of traffic." (Section 3 (2) StVO)

    In the case law – if there is no other reason such as the weather – it is assumed that there is a disability if the vehicle is driven more slowly than 60% of the permitted maximum speed.
    Depending on the specific case, there may also be compulsion ("I’ll show the speeder behind me", Resting in the fast lane). An MPU can also be ordered if there is a suspicion that the vehicle driver (or driver) is no longer physically / mentally able to cope with the appropriate speeds.

  4. Yes, love driving a car. Everyone loves it and everyone can do it, 30 million best drivers. It is a miracle of contemporary history that we are allowed to drive a car. If the car had been invented today, it would never be allowed. It is simply unimaginable that normal people don’t always think about driving into oncoming traffic, always breaking rules, etc. So many thanks to Mr. Otto, Diesel, Benz, Ford. Mankind will never have so much freedom again, and I have experienced it.

  5. But now you have to be careful with the knolls. There is a limit (weekly tickets over a year), whereby a higher penalty CAN be imposed on a collector for deliberate disregard. If this does not happen in the same city and in a jurisdiction of a regulatory office, however, it is less likely to be noticed.
    Only every other day you shouldn’t pack the wrong way around in the same place. Ordinance officers like to call the tow truck and then it will be more expensive than 10 € 😀


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