Traffic study: Stuttgarters are stuck in traffic jams the longest


Stuttgarters are stuck in traffic jams the longest

Traffic study: Stuttgarters are stuck in traffic jams the longest-traffic

The traffic flows slowly, but it flows. Stuttgart, Hamburg and Cologne are the German cities where drivers need the best nerves

Source: dpa / mb lof

Drivers from Stuttgart have to calculate a third more driving time than possible under optimal circumstances. The reason: constant traffic jams. For some Europeans, however, it is even worse.

I.In no German city is the traffic slower than in Stuttgart. On average, drivers need a third more driving time here than would be possible if they were moving unhindered. This is the result of the navigation manufacturer TomTom.

For its traffic jam index, the company evaluated the traffic load in 161 cities on five continents. Among the German cities, Stuttgart follows Hamburg with 32 percent additional travel time, Berlin with 28 and Cologne with 26 percent.

The numbers are averages that averages traffic flow over 24 hours a day. In rush hour traffic, the situation is likely to be even worse.

Double travel time in Moscow

In an international comparison, however, German drivers get off quite lightly: Moscow is at the top of the cities examined worldwide with an average of 66 percent more time per trip. In the morning rush hour, residents of the Russian capital can even expect more than twice the travel time: the TomTom study recorded a 106 percent increase over travel on the open road.

Driving in Istanbul with an average of 55 percent more driving time, Warsaw with 42 and Marseille with 40 percent also tears on the nerves of motorists.

The navigation manufacturer used the GPS data of the users of TomTom devices as the basis for the ranking. According to TomTom, it has more than six trillion GPS measurements.

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