Transport Minister Wissing: “E-mobility must be more attractive”

Transport Minister Wissing:

Federal Traffic Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) spoke in an exclusive interview with the Berlin Tagesspiegel about the goal of the traffic light coalition of 15 million e-cars and how our mobility will change in the future.

“I use privately a plug-in hybrid, which I mainly drive electric. My average consumption is just 1.7 liters, “so the new Minister of Transport at the beginning of the interview on its private car use. He says that e-mobility is “more attractive, then more people will change to electric vehicles. For electromobility the new standard in individual traffic, we need a well-developed charging infrastructure, attractive vehicles as well as favorable charging stream, “he says. The change to an electric car must be “perceived as progress”.

Electromobility is essential for Germany to reach its climate protection goals in traffic. But the previous admission numbers for e-mobility are not enough, he gives concerns. “Therefore, at the moment we analyze exactly why the existing offer does not convince many citizens yet”. For example, the existing support programs are currently being examined more closely before they may be extended or extended. be adjusted. Wissing can understand why many consumers are still waiting with the purchase of an E-car: Since they do not know which alternative drive technology prevails. “But if you look at EU regulation, you will see that the decision for e-mobility has long ago.”

When Germany promotes the change, the climate goals can be made. However, to achieve the goal for 2030 – at least 15 million e-cars on the streets – a lot has to be changed. And that’s not just a task of the Federal Government, but also the car manufacturer, “the new Minister of Transport is clear and calls a positive example: the industry prime of Tesla was able to” inspire many buyers with his models, I would do so also wish for the German car manufacturers “.

E-Fuels as an alternative to fossil fuels to continue the combustion technology in the automotive sector, Wissing sees skeptical: “We need to use the different energy sources where they are most efficient. This is the car of the electric drive, “says Wissing. He sees synthetic fuels but as an important alternative, especially for air traffic.

Although there is a transformation of our mobility behavior, especially in cities, public transport and cycling should be massively expanded. But individual mobility must still be “affordable for each and everyone”, says Wissing in the interview. Therefore, he also clearly speaks against additional burdens such as a city toll. The new government will “ensure that the charging with regenerative electricity remains affordable”. He could “only advise to switch to CO2-neutral drives”, as the use of fossil fuels “in the future becomes more expensive”.

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5 thoughts on “Transport Minister Wissing: “E-mobility must be more attractive””

  1. This statement briefly said from him and already outdated.

    See recent contribution to Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing (FDP) here on this website.

    Gladly used motto of politicians: “What interests me my chatter of yesterday.

  2. “Individual mobility must remain affordable for everyone”. Aha, once again the right to drive. Or he also includes pedestrians and cyclists?

  3. For an FDP minister, it is difficult to enforce the autolobby. But it can only be better than the CSU. Well you have to give him a chance to get the SUVs from the road and still introduce the speed limit.


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