Trinity: VW’s ID models will have a successor in 2026

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New, "flat" electric car should inherit the ID.3 in five years

Trinity: VW's ID models will have a successor in 2026-trinity

Ralf Brandstatter, the head of the VW brand, has now revealed details about the new electrical project called Trinity. The new vehicle will cost "around 35,000 euros" initially, according to Brandstatter in an interview with the daily newspaper Welt.

According to Brandstatter, the newcomer should be a "dynamic and flat" car with a length of just over four meters, which "does not yet exist in our current model range". That obviously means that it’s not about an SUV.

The size could suggest a compact car. The adjective flat is relative. In combination with the statement that there is currently no similar vehicle, it could be a "flatter" successor to the ID.3. At 4.26 meters it fits the size mentioned, but at 1.55 meters it is noticeably higher than a VW Golf (1.49 meters). This also fits the base price of 35,000 euros. The ID.3 currently starts for less than 32,000 euros, but Brandstatter may have factored in some inflation.

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According to Brandstatter, Trinity has something in common with the Audi Artemis project: "Although both projects are based on different technical platforms, they use the same construction kit, the new so-called group backbone," said the VW manager. Artemis is to be based on the PPE platform and start as early as 2024.

CEO Herbert Diess (who has only been tweeting since January 20) has already commented on the ominous Trinity project:

Trinity describes this as a follow-up project to NEO, i.e. the ID models. The project should revolutionize Volkswagen. Because VW acquired a stake in the battery manufacturer QuantumScape last year, suspects colleague Francesco Barontini from InsideEVs Italy suspects that the car could get a solid-state battery. If this battery then had a higher energy density, the Trinity car could also be flatter.

US colleague Ruffo, on the other hand, believes that the revolutionary could consist of an equivalent to the "giga press", with which Tesla is supposed to achieve incredible things in production – that could be the reason why Diess mentions the Tesla factory in Grunheide. Ruffo also refers to a tweet from the German-American journalist Greg Kable and the apparently official picture, which promises a "radically new approach to production".

The picture also explains the name Trinity (Trinity): In addition to the novel production, the new project also includes a new architecture and progress in autonomous driving.

Solid-state batteries, a gigantic body press: everything is possible, but still quite speculative. And since Trinity is not due to start for a few years, we still have some time. How long exactly? According to the world report, Trinity will start in 2026, five years from now.

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Trinity: VW's ID models will have a successor in 2026-trinity VW ID.3 (2021) now also as "Pure" with a small battery

In the interview, Brandstatter also mentioned an electric car below the ID.3 based on the modular electrical construction kit (MEB), i.e. a small electric car. This should start in 2025 and cost between 20,000 and 25,000 euros. Brandstatter announced the first over-the-air updates for the ID.3 and ID.4 models, which should take place in the first half of 2021.

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