Tritium: fast loader with shared power source

Tritium: fast loader with shared power source-shared

The Australian charging pillar manufacturer Tritium has presented a new set of fast charging stations under the Label PKM. This reports “ “. Unique selling feature is a common power supply of the charging points, it says. The first product of the new series is therefore the PKM150 with up to 150 kW charging power. As is a message from tritium, the PKM line has been developed to “break” the “linear relationship” between the power conversion and the performance of the charger itself “. The electricity for all charging points of a location should come from a central source.

So far, each charging column in the background have its own control cabinet, it says at “ “. With the new layout, significantly less equipment is needed on site because the infrastructure is shared. This should make the construction and operation of the charging parks cheaper and thus allow operators to build more charging stations. With the new concept, the flexibility should increase. Tritium therefore promises that the locations for today’s demand dimension and later simply scales. “One of the biggest challenges in the charging industry is to increase the utilization without extending the waiting times of the drivers, tritium co-founder is quoted David Finn.

The thus generated micronetz at the site therefore transmits the current with 950 volts direct current – even if the connected vehicle invites only 400 volts. In this way, tritium wants to reduce the cable cross-section by half. That could lead to savings of tens of thousands of dollars for small charging stations. The great innovation of the PKM system is in the power supply, the charging columns themselves are merely a further development of the previous RTM series. Variants with 50 kW and 100 kW should follow.

As it is “Electrive.Net “may flow up to 350 amps in the CCS2 version, with CCS1 still 200 amps and at Chademo 125 Ampere. The cables are up to six meters long, the pillar has a ten-inch display and four buttons for the operation.

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  1. Tritium publishes a data sheet. I’ll do the test if I can overlay the censor algorithm (the everyone punishes that are welcome sources)
    Tritium Charging Dot Com / WP Content / Uploads / 2021/12 / PKM150-Brochure.pdf


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