Tropos Able: Small electric van with photovoltaics

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Solar energy for more range and bidirectional charging

Tropos Able: Small electric van with photovoltaics-tropos

Tropos introduced the Able XT almost a year ago before, a small electric van. The tiny for municipal use, but also for craftsmen, gardeners and delivery services, should offer a range of up to 260 kilometers.

With photovoltaics the range could be increased, said Tropos. In addition, the electricity could also be used for other purposes.

In a pilot project, Tropos is therefore testing solar cells on the Able XT box bodies. According to the manufacturer from Herne, this should enable the useful tiny to be used "almost independently" of external power sources. The pilot project will start at the end of June and will initially run for four months.

"We expect this solution to be nothing less than a revolution in the electronic commercial vehicle market," says Markus Schrick, Managing Director of Tropos Motors Europe. "The first tests suggest that it could work. Now we are testing the technology in real operation for performance and other possible uses," says Schrick.

The photovoltaic elements replace existing structural elements and should therefore not increase the weight. This not only increases the range, but also lowers charging costs and reduces the CO2 footprint.

In addition, Tropos checks whether the electricity can also be used for other consumers. The transporter could, for example, be charged through bidirectional charging Charge other electric vehicles or devices such as power saws or hedge trimmers.

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The only 3.70 long and 1.40 meter wide Tropos Able has a turning radius of 3.96 meters and can also be used in closed rooms. Another option is to use it as a delivery vehicle for the big city. The vehicle offers a large loading area and a loading volume of up to 4.5 m³.

Two versions of the Able XT are available: The XT1 comes with its 13 kWh battery about 105 km (at 35 km / h), while two batteries are built into the XT2, giving it 26 kWh and a range of 260 km is coming.

The manufacturer is particularly proud of the high payload and the large loading area of ​​the flatbed truck. There is space on the platform for two Euro pallets and a tool box, while the box bodies can hold up to 4.5 cubic meters. Thanks to the so-called EasySwap system, the flatbed truck can be converted into a closed van with a box body.

The base price for the Tropos XT was given a year ago at 27,000 euros.

Technical data of the Topos Able XT

  • Drive: 1 rear electric motor with 24 kW peak power (10 kW nominal power)
  • Top speed: 60 km / h
  • Battery / range: 26 kWh / 260 km
  • Charging: 230 volts alternating current (normal household socket)
  • Electricity consumption: 12.8 kWh / 100 km
  • Dimensions: 3.70 m length / 1.40 m width / 1.90 m height
  • Turning radius: 3.96 meters
  • Tires: 175/65 R14 82T
  • Payload: 565 kg
  • Trailer load: 300 kg

Image gallery: Tropos Able XT (2020)

Tropos Able: Small electric van with photovoltaics-small

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