Tuning scene: When women are into the boah-ey factor


When women are into the boah-ey factor

Tuning scene: When women are into the boah-ey factor-boah-ey

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Women’s car de luxe: Owner Christin Reutemann has now invested around 50,000 euros in her Peugeot 206 CC.

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Tuning scene: When women are into the boah-ey factor-factor

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The courage to use color: the fashionable interior of this Peugeot 206 CC is not available off the shelf.

Source: dpa-tmn / cw aw

Tuning scene: When women are into the boah-ey factor-tuning

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Gullwing made by women: the Bochum tuner Jenny Kowalski has changed everything on her Seat Arosa, except for the gear knob, as she says.

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Tuning scene: When women are into the boah-ey factor-tuning

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Clear direction: “Entry for women only! Sorry boys … “This inscription on the door sill of Christin Reutemann’s Peugeot prohibits boys from taking a ride.

Source: dpa-tmn / cw aw

Tuning scene: When women are into the boah-ey factor-factor

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Optics have priority: when women tune cars, the result is usually more stylish than powerful.

Source: dpa-tmn / cw aw

Tuning scene: When women are into the boah-ey factor-tuning

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The bass in the neck: The back seat in Jenny Kowalski’s Seat Arosa had to give way to a sound system.

Source: dpa-tmn / cw aw

Rims with rhinestones and white leather upholstery: women have different priorities when tuning vehicles than men. That can sometimes be on the verge of good taste.

"Entry for women only! Sorry boys … “is written on the door sill of the purple and white painted Peugeot 206 convertible from Eulenburg near Leipzig. So guys have to stay outside. The driver’s seat of the car is so elaborately covered with leather that it looks as if the owner has thrown her women‘s jacket over the seat.

Not much has remained of the original interior. The 80 kW / 109 PS engine output, however, remains unchanged. This is how women like to tune their cars: Without crazy horsepower, but with attention to detail, often bold colors – and with plenty of enthusiasm.

"We have probably put 40,000 to 50,000 euros into the car over the years," says Peugeot owner Christin Reutemann (23) and adds: "We pay in installments."

Seven cars represented by show cars

Car tuning by women has become a trend in the mechanics’ clubs and among fans. The women who love color and design have already won plenty of prizes at tuning events. At this year’s Essen Motor Show, seven women from Germany are competing with their show cars.

At the second largest German auto show after the IAA, you can see everything that delights car and tuning fans: rims and accessories of all kinds, sports cars and studies, a drift race, vintage cars, motorcycles and the first pimped-up versions of fresh car models. These include the Porsche Boxster, the Volvo V40, the new A-Class from Mercedes and even the Golf 7.

Cars tuned by women often cause a special stir when the scene meets, says Sven Schulz, who organizes the show car exhibition for the Essen Motor Show. Because women showed more courage in color and a sense of detail – such as rhinestone decorations on rims, speedometer and gear knob or paintwork in pink or light blue with white leather. “They want nice clothes so that they don’t run around like a gray mouse, and they also want a nice vehicle.” Some ideas, such as the rhinestone rims, have already been adopted by professional accessory providers.

Everything changed except the gear knob

“We just look more into the corners,” says Jenny Kowalski, an insurance employee from Bochum, who shows a converted Seat Arosa in Essen. “For example, my friend has a racing Nissan with 550 hp, but if you look behind the door, it’s filth. That doesn’t work for me. ”The 31-year-old has changed everything on her car except for the gear knob, as she says – from the purple and black paintwork to an air suspension for lowering to the lovingly leather-clad exterior mirrors. 30,000 euros are in the small car, 54,000 euros shows an appraisal.

The Bochum tuner does not depend on top speed and macho behavior. Although she installed a 92 kW / 125 PS GTI engine from the VW shelf in the Seat, she has never dared to drive the car out, as she openly admits. "And if someone says that women can’t park, I’m afraid he’s right in my case." To do this, she can completely dismantle her car and reassemble it.

Harald Schmidtke, managing director of the Association of Automobile Tuners (VDAT), estimates that around a fifth of tuners in Germany are women. In a German tuning and accessories market with around 1.5 billion euros in sales per year, the screwing women have become a factor that should not be underestimated.

Verdelt Golf models of every generation

And the impartial handling of the design even affects production vehicles. For example, colored rims for the Citroën C3 can now be ordered ex works, says Schmidtke. And from Nissan there is the Micra as a special model Elle, on the equipment of which the Japanese manufacturer worked together with the women‘s magazine of the same name.

In addition to the women with their stylish cars, tuned premiere vehicles from the Paris Motor Show for the first time will cause queues of visitors at the Essen Motor Show – especially the Golf 7. Since the compact car will only go on sale on November 10th, only just under four remained Weeks for the refinement, explains Hardy von der Brake, Head of Marketing at the East Westphalian tuning company H&R. Night shifts are inevitable. H&R is planning a stand with a refined Golf of each generation.

The chassis and wheels of the new Golf will be changed and the engine will be chip-tuned. “That usually produces 25 to 30 hp and, above all, more torque,” ​​says von der Brake. This means that cars can start off at traffic lights with less gas. Saving fuel through tuning – that has been an important trend in the scene for years.

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