Turkish car manufacturer Togg: Big plans – 1 million e-cars up to 2030

Turkish car manufacturer Togg: Big plans - 1 million e-cars up to 2030-manufacturer

The Turkish car manufacturer Togg plans to further expand its range of E models. So far, it was only known that you want to bring an electric SUV to the street, which is traveling in the C segment. Meanwhile, it became known that four other vehicles should follow. Among other things, an electric sedan that was visible on the CES 2022. However, the market introduction of first plans is late.

In the first quarter 2023 the E-SUV should come on the street. This builds as well as the following models on a specially developed platform. In addition to the E-SUV, a sedan and a hatchback model in the C segment as well as a B-SUV and a Van planned. Fits quite well with the statement of the company that one as a barrel of a “global technology brand, their intellectual and commercial property belongs to 100% Turkey and which will form the core of the Turkish mobility ecosystem”.

Already towards the end of 2017, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the country wanted to bring a new car brand to life until 2021. Togg’s plans were more concrete in June 2018 and already experienced a sharpening in April 2019, after previously only daily information was known. Finally, extremely powerful, cheap hemp battery for debate, which are to be used in the electrician. But it comes differently and the Togg e-car refers its energy from batteries from Germany. Better from Chinese batteries, which are manufactured in Germany. For the Chinese battery manufacturer Farasis, which is currently collecting customers for his future work in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, will supply the lithium-ion batteries for the Turkish electric car. However, Farasis is not only cell supplier of Togg, but also partners for mounting the batteries. Near the Togg plant Farasis is currently building the necessary battery assembly.

From 2022 the E-car should officially go to sale. Not only in your own country, but also in Germany. Now it’s just a little later. Instead of the fourth quarter of 2022, the Togg E-SUV should be seen from the first quarter 2023 on the street. Company’s leader Gurcan Karakas expressed itself opposite the automotive week that the vehicle is to be manufactured in two design variants. The speech is here from a “western” and one for the “rather oriental taste”.

Whether a similar approach is selected at the E-Sedan will have to be shown. Basically, the premiere on the CES mainly concerned about the design of the electricity. This was designed by the Italian specialist Pininfarina. Muscular rear design and a shoulder line extending from the headlights to the tail, are considered forming elements of the study. In addition, cameras are installed instead of rearview mirrors – knows so at least since the Audi E-Tron.

In addition to the five models, company leader Gurcan Karakaş gave to understand that Togg produce a million vehicles of the five models to 2030 by 2030. Of course in the factory built factory in Turkish Gemik. 175.000 vehicles per year should drive there from the band.

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3 thoughts on “Turkish car manufacturer Togg: Big plans – 1 million e-cars up to 2030”

  1. This is all extremely ambitious.
    Such messages from various companies ghosts for a long time through the digital media and when looking back for a few months, it is mostly desperate balloons ..

    • We was this with the BEV project of Lada? already heard of it?
    • WinFast was also such a Burner production in Germany – until prices came out
    • Aiways sells almost nothing worldwide and wants to build here ..
    • SION or SONO or what is the name of the thing?
    • Zeekr really comes? and when?
    • Battery exchange instead of HPC? No C02- but a money sink?
    • USW, etc ..

    What really comes, that comes from the OEM model on model – mostly bread and butter but it comes and makes powerful quantities.
    Although it grows everywhere at all corners and edges but ultimately the old concentlish is obviously the curve

  2. If the Lira continues to lose in value, then the thing is ever produced, perhaps properly favorable with us. Buyer layers would be safe enough for a big car from Turkey.


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