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In the past year, electric cars in Turkey enjoyed rapid growing popularity. No Stromer was sold as often as the Porsche Taycan. However, this development could now slow down a tax reform again. In the video you can see a detailed test of the Taycan.

In Turkey, 2020 1.580 e-cars sold. What does not sound like a lot compared to German sales are set up a leaking increase compared to the previous year: in 2020 there were seven times more electric cars than in Turkey in 2019 and two and a half times more than in 2019 on Stromern on Turkish roads were on the way.

One thing stands out among the e-cars sold in 2020: The Zuffenhausen e-athlete Porsche Taycan was sold 805 times-every second electric car sold in Turkey was a Porsche, reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

Particularly curious: the Taycan is also the most expensive electric car that is sold in Turkey. While the Turkish President Erdogan puts great hopes in the TOGG, an electric car developed in Turkey, which is to be launched from the end of 2022, the Turks apparently prefer to rely on cars from the renowned brand from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen for so long.

Thanks to high special taxes, cars in Turkey often cost around twice the manufacturer’s price-however, it looked different with e-cars until the beginning of this year. Here the tax surcharge was only 15 percent last year, which was particularly noticeable in more expensive electric sports cars and was also happy to be used by wealthier drivers. When the tax authorities received this, they turned the tax screw, explains Albert Saydam, President of the Turkish Auto delivery Association Taysad to the FAZ.

Since February 2021, the tax on e-cars is 60 instead of 15 percent, the basic version of the Taycan now costs 246 there.000 instead of 164.000 euros. Also for the cheaper VW ID.3 Now the Turks have to dig deeper into their pockets: the ID cost.3 there last year 51.300 euros, now there are even 72.000 euros.

It remains to be seen whether the electric boom will continue in Turkey this year. One thing is certain: Foreign manufacturers will have much more difficult – the government has already promised companies that build on electric cars in Turkey, especially TOGG, of course TogG,.

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