Two-seater: Porsche competes with Cayman itself


Porsche competes with Cayman itself

Two-seater: Porsche competes with Cayman itself-Cayman ideal second Porsche Cayman

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After Porsche presented the new Boxster last spring, the Zuffenhausen-based company is now also adding its closed brother Cayman. Of course the BlThe dress of the two-seater is largely identical to the convertible version.

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Two-seater: Porsche competes with Cayman itself-competes

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The starting price in Germany is 51,385 euros for the 275 hp version, while the 325 hp Cayman S starts at 64,118 euros.

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Two-seater: Porsche competes with Cayman itself-porsche

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There are differences in the rear area. The coupe is characterized by a flatter roofline and a significantly larger rear window. Track widths and wheelbase are correct with the cabrioversion, but in contrast to the previous model, the wheelbase has increased by six centimeters to 2.48 meters. At the same time, the mid-engine sports car has shorter overhangs at the front and rear.

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Two-seater: Porsche competes with Cayman itself-Porsche Carrera seconds Porsche Carrera

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So that the driving performance can also be implemented in a sporty manner, the Porsche technicians have significantly strengthened the body compared to the previous model (left), the F.The mechanism has been thoroughly revised and new damper settings have been selected.

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Two-seater: Porsche competes with Cayman itself-porsche

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The interior offers little new. Here you can find almost the same look and equipment as in the open Boxster. The driver looks at three large round instruments and ein an additional display that can show a lot more information and even a navigation map.

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The new sports car is almost as sporty as the 911. The new model is longer, wider, faster and lighter than its predecessor. It will go on sale in March.

D.he Porsche Cayman is getting sportier. With the second generation, as with the open version Boxster, the Stuttgart-based company does not dare to revolutionize. But evolution has it all. The two-seater is now being shown for the first time at the LA Auto Show, the market launch is planned for March 2, 2013, prices start at 51,385 euros.

The heart of a Porsche sports car remains its six-cylinder boxer engine. It now does more and uses less fuel in the EU mix. The basis is a high-revving 2.7-liter boxer that replaces the 2.9-liter boxer. Nevertheless, the output increases by 10 hp to 275 hp, while consumption drops by 1.2 liters to 8.2 liters.

With the optional Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) for around 2800 euros, the value drops by 1.4 liters to 7.7 liters. For a sports car with a sprinting ability of 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 266 km / h, this is a dazzling value. The fuel reduction is also made possible by a start-stop system, recuperation and a new cooling water management system.

S could be followed by R.

As with its predecessor, the more powerful Cayman S uses a 3.4-liter engine. It now has 325 hp, an increase of 5 hp. This variant also reduces consumption by 1.0 liters to 8.8 liters with manual transmission. With the PDK it is 1.4 liters to 8.0 liters. The Cayman S sprints from a standing start in 5.0 seconds, with PDK it is 4.9 seconds. The top speed is 283 km / h or 281 km / h with the direct shift gearbox. As with the current model, in a few years’ time, Porsche could add the sharper R variant, which already has 330 hp.

In addition to the revised engines, Porsche also wants to achieve more dynamism through a revised active chassis and newly tuned electromechanical steering. As befits an athlete, the new Cayman has slimmed down. The body, which is based on the Boxster, now weighs 47 kilograms less than its predecessor, but at the same time the rigidity has increased by 40 percent. The entire vehicle has been slimmed down by up to 30 kilograms and weighs at least 1310 kilograms.

Cooling through rear air inlets

Visually, the 4.38-meter-long athlete differs significantly from its predecessor: the longer wheelbase of 2.47 meters also stretches the car optically, and shorter overhangs at the front and rear reinforce this impression. The windshield is now further to the front and the roof line is further back. With the shoulder line moved further up, the Cayman looks significantly stronger than its predecessor. The third generation can be recognized from the front by the wide radiator inlets and the new front lights. The engines draw the fresh air they need through the two air inlets in front of the rear wheel arches.

As in the 911, Panamera and Boxster models, a horizontally accentuated dashboard now spans the interior in front of the driver. The high center console underlines the sporty character of the two-seater. A display in the rev counter gives the pilot information about the gear that is engaged.

New to the Cayman are modern assistance systems such as adaptive distance warning systems with cruise control and keyless-go. Also optionally available is the SportChrono package including dynamic transmission mount and launch control, which enables a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h that is 0.2 seconds faster.

The prices have also changed, upwards. For the Cayman by 595 euros to now 51,385 euros, for the Cayman S by 1547 euros to 64,118 euros. However, the vehicles are now on larger wheels: the Cayman rolls on 18-inch rims and the Cayman S on 19-inch wheels.

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