Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation


The new scooters for the Facebook generation

Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation-two-wheelers

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Yahama presented the electric Concept Scooter EC-1 back in 2009.


Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation-two-wheelers

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Scooter driving is trendy again: the new Vespa models in retro style can achieve 90 km / h.

Source: Vespa

Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation-Source Thomas Geiger Source Thomas

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Scooters from Japan are entering the highly competitive market. The Yamaha eco3 only runs on electricity.

Source: Yamaha

Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation-two-wheelers

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The "MP3"-Piaggio tricycle – more than 80,000 of which have been sold worldwide – notice "Your Urban" a little brother.

Source: Piaggio

Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation-two-wheelers

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After the Mini Cooper, the Mini Scooter comes as a study for the socket.

Source: Mini

Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation-Source Thomas Geiger Source Thomas Geiger

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The smart e-scooter from 2010 proves that car manufacturers can also build scooters. It is considered likely that it will be built.

Source: Smart

Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation-scooters

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Honda’s scooters are getting more and more futuristic and faster.

Source: Honda

Two-wheelers: The new scooters for the Facebook generation-two-wheelers

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With the chic Concept C, BMW also wants to re-enter the scooter market.

Source: BMW

The means of transport of the future will not always have to have four wheels – two or three will do just fine. Especially since it is also significantly cheaper, faster and more hip.

W.How chic that was: He, back then still without a helmet, on his brisk Vespa, she, hugging him tenderly, with a fluttering petticoat in the rider’s seat behind. That was fifty or sixty years ago. You couldn’t afford a car back then – driving a scooter was in.

It’s different today. The meter-by-meter scramble in the city, the desperate search for a parking space and where to drive when you don’t have a garage make you desperate. That is why clever people just imitate the Italians, French and Spaniards and drive to the office on two wheels, on little speedsters – or comfortable large scooters with weather protection and a comfortable seating position. Since 2004, scooter registrations in Germany have tended to increase again, with stronger scooters with more than 125 cubic centimeters even showing an above-average increase.

The proportion of newly registered motorcycles continues to fall, because the motorcycle is reduced more to a piece of sports equipment. Motor scooters, on the other hand, increasingly being driven by women, are becoming cars on two wheels. And: The denser the traffic and the more alarming the economic news, the more the two-wheelers‘ chances are. Every day you experience how scooter drivers work their way forward in traffic jams, move faster thanks to maneuverability and agility and park the scooter without any problems. That alone is a huge plus.

Two-wheelers are the new resource savers

But costs and the environment also speak in favor of the switch. The fuel and maintenance of a medium-sized scooter is usually less than half the cost of a small car; The purchase price, taxes and insurance are manageable and the environmental conscience is reassured, because two-wheelers are the ultimate resource saver, from production to emissions to space requirements. So it’s no wonder that the last international two-wheeler trade shows had the highest number of visitors to date.

As in the fifties and sixties, Italian models are particularly popular. The good old Vespa from Piaggio, now much stronger and more handsome, still holds the top with attractive models, followed by the Piaggio MP3 400 three-wheeler scooter with a class B driving license, the Honda SH300 and the Suzuki-built Burgman models 400 and 650 The idea of ​​sending a scooter with a roof to the arena, which BMW had not pursued until now, has now been taken up by others: Peugeot has crossed the unfortunately discontinued BMW C1 with Piaggio’s MP3 into an original scooter tricycle with a roof, Adiva even offers one Motor scooters with a retractable roof similar to coupe-convertibles.

Scooters also have a charging station for cell phones

Another development is also interesting: Motor scooters from the Far East are becoming more and more visible in business. Just as the Japanese and Koreans learned to build better and better cars, motorcycles and scooters from Asia are also growing in maturity and quality. In the beginning they were almost indistinguishable from one another because they used the same parts, frames and motors, but today some brands have surprising properties. The Taiwanese brand Kymco, whose fleet of over 30 models, the luxury scooter Xciting 500 stands out due to its good workmanship and rich equipment, is already making almost premium claims.

A scooter with double disc brakes at the front and disc brakes at the rear, controlled by ABS, with a handbrake (!) For locking on inclines, with a mobile phone charging station and exemplary seating comfort – you have to look for something like this with the established brands. The Chinese Lifan Traveler 125 not only has a very attractive look, its large wheels and careful finish show ability and independence. The Hyosung MS3, offered with 125 and 250 cc four-stroke engines, lets you feel the motorcycle experience that the Koreans have acquired over the years; it looks good, has a tough trigger and the cheapest price in its class.

The switch is easy

Italian and Far Eastern brands are also pioneers in electric scooters. Hyosung is bringing two models, the EcoFlash comes from China, the e-max built in Germany has already earned its first merits, and Piaggio is bringing the MP3 as a hybrid. The other European manufacturers are still in the announcement phase. So the scooter market is not only in motion, it is also showing new ideas. And they make it easier to do without expensive and difficult-to-park second cars.

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