UBITRICITY brings standard-compliant lantern shop to Germany

UBITRICITY brings standard-compliant lantern shop to Germany-shop

A lantern charging point specifically for the German market: UBITRICITY, manufacturer and operator of charging solutions for electric cars and part of the Shell Group brings with “Heinz” a standard lantern load point to the start. The solution attached to the lamppost allows uncomplicated loading with a type 2 standard cable in the immediate vicinity of your own home.

How to understand the company adds the charging solution even without subscription seamlessly into the cityscape, keeps walking trails free and gives a further additional benefit of existing infrastructure. This charging technology is intended to provide a cost-effective and fast expansion of public charging infrastructure to offer specifically city dwellers an open, at the same time nationwide and cityscape-friendly network, as well as comfortable accommodation directly in front of the front door. With standardized activation and usage options, charging operations can be easily done through all common systems and with a standard charging cable.

“The lantern loading point Heinz closes a central gap in the publicly accessible charging network by providing EV-moving the opportunity to load their electric vehicles extremely uncomplicated in everyday life and in the immediate vicinity of their place of residence. We look forward to making this innovative technology accessible to all in cooperation with German cities and municipalities.”- Lex Hartman, CEO of UBITRICITY

Furthermore, Heinz offers the possibility that all smartphone usages can load ad-hoc directly thanks to a QR code. For billing, a variety of payment options such as the use of RFID charging cards or the common Mobility Service Provider apps are available. Heinz was developed in joint cooperation with the hardware developer Ebee Smart Technologies GmbH. The slim product is equipped with a Bender charging controller and offers the ideal conditions for charging overnight. The standard-compliant charging point for electric cars meets all requirements of German measuring and oeal law and the technical connection rules and conditions (TAR / TAB).

UBITRICITY shines with the lantern loader Heinz by the fact that the installation requires no earthworks. For cities and municipalities, this means that they benefit from short-term planables, low investment costs and fast commissioning. Here, compared to larger charging columns, a significantly lower level of energy and CO2 emissions. Due to its low connection power, the lantern load point is particularly network-friendly. In addition, in the case of changed circumstances in the environment of the loading point, for example by setting up new bike paths, uncomplicated possible to put the charging point to a new location.

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6 thoughts on “UBITRICITY brings standard-compliant lantern shop to Germany”

  1. From the article:

    “Due to its low connection power, the lantern load point is particularly network-friendly.”

    Unless this sentence I found no indication of possible charging performance in the article .. ?!

  2. Lol. As a stadtwerke department head, I’m laughing.
    Maybe a lantern or two can bring together a meaningful performance in one strand and only if the light does not burn. Straight street lighting networks are built without a significant reserve. Reserve would be to be expected from NHD to LED, in low dimensions … in stock.
    A Gamechanger is not that, here and there a leaf solution.
    We need expensive medium and low voltage networks for e-mobility, we must pay all. Who becomes bad because of the current electricity prices, then first realize what a “turn” costs.

    I am ready to wear this (he). To be without a fan of e-mobility. All this is currently being built on electricity networks and facilities is not intended for future requirements. Currently 50% Reserve Standard for a possible redundancy. There is no room for great Tesla streets.
    And the now built plants remain at least 40 years in the ground.

    Where Koblenz wants to serve this performance (reserve) is a fog, I give it to me. The mentioned there is far away from the reality I know or is common. But obviously it works there, which would be good and cheap. 100Pro but also only during the day. Which is better than nothing.

    Optimistic greetings

  3. In the execution I find the solution still improvable. Why does the plug have to sit so high? At the car he is also deeper. When the lantern is on the walking path, which is the rule with us, the solution together with the plug sees seemingly good 40cm. At least the plug should be inserted laterally. Then you could also make two plugs possible.


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