UBS: Tesla leader in battery technology, however, melts

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UBS: Tesla leader in battery technology, however, melts-tesla

Tesla is considered industry pricus and pioneer in terms of electric cars, had a comfortable advantage for years of production and the sale of electric cars and was its competitors, established automakers, technologically in several ways quite ahead. However, Tesla is no longer alone in the hallway, barely a manufacturer has no electric car in the portfolio. And also technologically, the former latords get more and more.

In order to gain insights into the manufacturing costs and the technologies installed in e-cars, analysts of US UBS-BANK have disassembled seven e-auto models of different manufacturers. It found that Tesla still has a comfortable lead and continues to innovate. However, companies like Volkswagen have a good chance to catch up soon.

Since electric vehicles are mainly distinguished by the batteries installed in them, the power storage is a main focus of UBS analysts. To better understand who used the best batteries in his cars – and how much the manufacturers spend – VBS seven cells high manufacturers, including Tesla and its suppliers as well as those of Volkswagen, General Motors, Toyota and BMW compared.

It may not be surprising that Tesla had the nose again due to the results of past tests. However, since the batteries installed in Tesla cars are cells of suppliers such as Catl, LG Chem and Panasonic, which also supplies other automakers, the projection of Tesla UBS is only low. “While Tesla continues to lead the best technology with the best technology,” Creates Business Insiders The UBS analysts, “is currently low for battery cells, and will depend on its new cell design in the future,” says the new 4680 cell format of Tesla is. The new battery cells should be a lot cheaper with significantly higher capacity and performance than the current cell generation.

“We have to reduce the costs for batteries”

“We have to reduce the cost of batteries,” said Tesla boss Elon Musk in September. However, this is not just a Tesla problem, but concerns the whole car industry, after all, the battery alone makes good a third of the production costs for the electric cars branded as quite expensive. At the same time, the battery production is a lucrative business: Allied Market Research predicts that the market for lithium-ion batteries for E cars is more than tripled by 2027, from a good 37 billion US dollars (about 30 billion euros) in 2019 to about $ 130 billion (good 106 billion euros).

The only way for other manufacturers to catch up with Tesla, according to UBS, there is “all-in” to go fully on E cars and from “a steep cost cutting curve in combination with a constantly improving regulatory environment in favor of electric cars” to benefit. In particular, UBS emphasizes Volkswagen, the “World’s Fastest Follower” of Tesla. The investments promised by the German manufacturer in electromobility in the amount of 33 billion euros over a period of five years are still unequaled in the automotive industry.

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11 thoughts on “UBS: Tesla leader in battery technology, however, melts”

  1. Result: The only way all-in, which would currently inevitably lead to the bankruptcy of all major combustion manufacturers. Nothing new.

  2. Naja Lucid just shows that even a lead can be generated when everything should correspond to the truth, the engines small like a handbag and more effective than anything else on the market.
    There could be a big new step in the next 10 years and actually the real 1000km knacks where the burner has been used for 100 years.

  3. If I read from so-called analysts of a bank any forecasts, I always have to laugh.
    Are the at least engineers or better yet electrical engineers with the specialty battery technology?
    Probably not more like – as otherwise these analysts have seen Tesla only as automotive manufacturers – and not as a diversified company in areas such as:
    Autonomous Driving, Sustainable Energy, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Storage Systems, Insurance, etc.
    Therefore, the completely wrong assessments are then stirred for the future stock market value of Tesla.
    Mr. Egon Meier also has his own point of view – Time wants Tell
    We buy Meanwhere Tesla shares

  4. UBS is still a Swiss bank.
    But if I have the article – in original – read, I do not have the impression that these analysts have a big idea of battery technology.

  5. This stupid drafts of Teslas alleged ahead of what-also-always for areas is so transparent, how wrong. At the latest than in the fall of 2019 became known that VW already pays under $ 100 per kilowatt hour and Tesla hurriedly started the project Roadrunner, suddenly turned out to hunters and hunted the roles already reversed. Real insiders were not surprised. For contrary to her request, Tesla battery cells had always bought only and it should be clear if you shop for 30 billion you will get the better price than 3 billion. Likewise, it should be clear if you have to assemble several 1000 cells and the competition only several 100 cells are tenfold costs.

    That was the theory. In practice you can see the VW ID.3 With 58 kWh costs the end consumer after promotion only 25t €. The Tesla with the same capacity costs 37T €. And if the Tesla fans are still so angry, the cars can not be compared. You can and if you do it makes you determine the ID.3 has more space.

  6. Most savings potential lies in the production of cell and their integration itself. That is, VW (and probably most of the others) has a great disadvantage here, as they have to deal with over 25 different cells. Thus, here is not the required economy effect to wear.
    And here is the savings potential of the new 4680s, which many have not understood yet.

    That’s why “$ 100 / kWh” does not necessarily say a lot.

    Also funny as some a rumor that has never been confirmed to take for a fact. VW has never announced or confirmed what price you pay will never pay. A grin of a leadership person who is addressed to a company-securely pricing says nothing concrete.

  7. If BMW would make the environmental protection seriously, then they would not bring E-SUV, but bring air resistance-optimized long-distance vehicles to the market. Finally, just at BMW, the long-distance riders are at home.

    So I mean BEV who consume at 130 km / h 20 kWh / 100km and not 25+ because of the big air resistance.

    As long as we do not have an eco flow in abundance, this is an important point in terms of environmental friendliness. But BMW is not alone, Mercedes and Audi blow into the same horn.

  8. Please people …Tesla has nothing with battery manufacturing, development..something to do with it !!! That makes everything Panasonic !! Also the famous Gigafactory … except the hall and the name on it, this has nothing with Telsa at the hat. The whole technology and machinery and everything in the hall, belongs Panasonic. The only What Tesla has to do with batteries is that this is to be found in your cars … does not fall for this American marketing on it.

  9. What is behind the statement: Tesla is a leader in battery technology. As an engineer, I would like to know how high the energy density per volume (Wh / m3) and per mass (wh / kg) of the cited Tesla batteries, not to mention how much a kWh storage capacity of these batteries currently costs.
    The often mentioned range requirement (I do not call it range) and the discomfort of the more complex “refueling” could take into account the E-automaker due to different battery size offers.
    For a general change of cars with internal combustion engines to e-cars, the e-cars are not competitive with regard to the current battery technology in conjunction with the corresponding prices in the foreseeable future compared to the “burners”.

  10. Typical UBS U.S.A.:
    You have never understood the technology of Tesla. If you reduce the projection of Tesla only to the battery and missed the Battery Day in September 2020 you may have right.
    The lead of Tesla at autonomous driving (neuronal computer software and the millions of times larger data pool for verifying the behavior of the system), the online update of the Tesla software, the reservation of raw material and delivery contracts for the batteries, would probably rate competent professionals differently.


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