Under power: VW is promoting the three-euro Golf at the IAA


VW is promoting the three-euro Golf at the IAA

Under power: VW is promoting the three-euro Golf at the IAA-power

Hardly changed – only a few details distinguish the E-Golf and E-Up from their conventionally powered sister models.

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The Wolfsburg-based company reveals the first details about the electric models E-Up and E-Golf that will be presented at the IAA. The operating costs are low, but the Stromer does not have anything outstanding to offer.

A.The electric age begins for VW at the IAA, where the company will be showing the battery-powered versions of the Golf and Up. VW is now revealing the first details.

According to this, the E-Golf should primarily score with its range, the argument in favor of the E-Up should be its particularly low operating costs. Because just 3.02 euros should cost a 100-kilometer journey in the small electric car according to VW’s own calculations.

The Golf costs around 3.30 euros per 100 kilometers. The compact five-door is powered by a 115 hp electric motor, the top speed is electronically limited to 140 kilometers per hour. The sprint to 100 km / h in the electric Golf takes 10.4 seconds, and VW specifies a range of 190 kilometers when the 24.2 kilowatt-hour battery is fully charged.

The competitors offer something similar

The electric Up will also always have five doors. An 82 HP electric motor is used in it, the top speed is 130 kilometers per hour, the sprint from zero to 100 km / h is done in 12.4 seconds.

With a capacity of 18.7 kilowatt hours, the battery is smaller than that of the more spacious E-Golf; it should provide a maximum range of 160 kilometers.

VW can thus keep up with the electric competition, but it does not set new standards. The golf competitor Nissan Leaf, for example, has a range of 199 kilometers with similar engine and driving performance. Citroen C-Zero, Peugeot Ion and Mitsubishi iMiEV, which can be compared to the E-Up, create 150 kilometers, but they are much slower in acceleration. The E-Smart covers 145 kilometers.

Lush features come as standard

VW will sell the E-Up from autumn for 26,900 euros, which puts it in the middle of the field between the French-Japanese mini car trio, which costs a good 29,000 euros, and the two-seater Smart, which is available for 23,680 euros.

VW has not yet given a price for the E-Golf, which is only expected at the beginning of 2014, but around 35,000 euros seem realistic. For comparison: the Nissan Leaf has recently been launched in the revamped version from 29,690 euros.

VW wants to make the customers’ prices attractive compared to conventional gasoline-powered vehicles with a wide range of standard equipment. The E-Golf and E-Up have automatic air conditioning, navigation systems and daytime running lights on board. The Golf also has LED headlights as standard.

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