Uni-One: Update to the E-small car from Sweden

Uni-One: Update to the E-small car from Sweden-update

At the beginning of March 2018, the electric car startup unit has introduced a functioning prototype of the UniTI ONE in a short video. Shortly thereafter, there was a speech that there is a potential sales volume of more than 50 million euros. After notification of the first specifications of the Stromer, it became quiet around the company. Consciously one pulled back to concentrate on the product. Now there is an update and still hope for the Uniti One.

The retreat from the public with the not straight change was justified by the small start-up, with a first prototype, towards a real car manufacturer. This paired with the Covid-19 pandemic led Uniti started to focus stronger on his cores. It was planned that in the second quarter 2020, a first series-firer prototype should come to the road. Due to COVID-19, which had an impact on the “technical partner” of Uniti, no body parts could be manufactured. Alternative parts made in the United Kingdom would have been much more expensive, which could not cope with the very sensitive budget.

Then the start-up reduced his team and reduced the ongoing costs to an absolute minimum to survive. “That was the most painful and hardest thing I ever had to do. But with severely limited resources, we had to focus on finding out how we can produce our cars. This also belonged that we brought our public relations to a standstill until we had good news and a team that could spread them, “said the CEO Lewis Horne.

In the course of the restructuring, Uniti came from a separate factory to be built – as this is burdened in capital-intensive and risk. Instead, one has found potential partners in China, which manufacture for the start-up. University itself should then focus on EU sales, western software or a European brand and a European design. By focusing on your own priorities, it also manages to keep the costs under control.

“This tactic is also consistent with our mission to increase the acceptance of electric vehicles. For most people, the market for electric vehicles is still too expensive, and low earners have only a few other possibilities than cost-effective vehicles with internal combustion engine burning fossil fuels. Lower production costs in China can help close this gap.”- Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti

Of all these intermediate steps, nothing had been reported because their new investor asked for the time rail to revise, focus on focus and first presenting an implementable plan before re-entering the public. One has completed a lengthy due diligence exam and is already quite advanced with post-merger integration, although the transaction is not yet completed. The first bridging funding of the investor was on 30. November due, and that was the utmost, which could be achieved without the admission of capital from other sources. However, due to restrictions on capital outflows from China, this transaction has delayed.

This causes the exclusive clause of the investor to be repealed to receive the corresponding capital. Because this is needed before you need to register bankruptcy. Further this week, 500.000 Euro are taken, as there is otherwise too tight. These funds are sufficient to survive by June 2022 to put the agreement with the investor into action. 200.000 Euro could already secure the start-up for the other 300.000 Euro you are looking for appropriate support.

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8 thoughts on “Uni-One: Update to the E-small car from Sweden”

  1. Have searched with Google and came across these information.

    length 3222 mm

    broad 1709 mm (1456 mm mirror image without mirror)

    height 1505 mm

    wheelbase 2175 mm

    Max. Charging volume 760 L

    Min. Charging volume 155 l

    Dimensions Weight 600 kg

    Roof 20kg

    Number of doors 3

    Number of seats 3

    Range 150km-300km

    Efficiency 8 kWh / 100 km

    Acceleration (0-100 km / h) 9.9 sec.

    Top speed 120 km / h

    Maximum power 50kW (68 hp)

    Battery capacity 12kWh – 24kWh

    Battery type Lithium-ion

    Location of the charging connection Front Center

    Charging Type 2 CCS Combo

    Charging power AC 3.5kW – 11kW

    FAST CHARGE performance 50 kW

    12kWh DC- Charging time 12min

    24kWh DC- Charging speed 23min (80%)

    12kWh AC charging time 52min (80% @ 11kW)

    12 kWh AC- Charging time 2 hours. 42 min. (80% at 3.5 kW)

    24kWH AC- Charging time 5h 24min (80% at 3.5kW)

    24kWH AC- Charging time 104min (80% @ 11kW)

    Driver airbag (Default)

    SECTION Yes (standard)

    Immobilizer Anti-theft (Default)

    Adas Intel Mobileeeye6 (option)

    backup camera Yes with dedicated screen (standard)

    Tire pressure control system Yes (standard, on the screen)

    Security structure High-strength aluminum and carbon fiber

    Electronic stability control Yes (standard)

    Uni-One 17.760 € *

    Configure your UniTI One and enter the waiting list. We will notify you when orders are open for your country.

    * The specified vehicle price does not include any taxes and any state promotion, the vehicle delivery is separately.

    (Source: Uniti.Earth / Global / Uniti-ONE / – translated hotel reviewload)

    I hope the numbers are currently helpful for the comment readers.

  2. Go to Article:
    The Uniti-One is as Three-seater conceived! Please refer:

    Wolfbrecht GOsebert-uni-one

    An IMO still interesting small car concept, whose implementation in a buyable product probably already lasts very long!

  3. Hey from Sweden,

    Since here in this country everything is transparent and freely accessible for everyone on the internet is the official and credible information about Uniti in Lund (mother a holding / Ltd. In the United Kingdom) two days ago – and still up to date – published here in Sweden:

    UNITI short before the bankruptcy!

    The only 7 employees have received no reward for 2 months.

    Equity converted under 50.000 EURO.

    Very poor liquidity and credit rating.
    Next week, 5.2 million crowns are needed to avert bankruptcy.

    My opinion: UniTI is the Swedish counterpart to Sono Motors.

    Hej då!


  4. Addendum to Uniti:

    At the district court in Lund, since March 2020, the enforcement requests from claims of 37 creditors against Uniti with a total volume of 34 billion Swede crowns!


  5. Nice
    But would be nice if a modern all-round small car would come to the market. Something like a zoe or an ecorsa, just a modern car with state-of-kind technology.
    And if possible no convertible combustion.

    But I’m afraid of it again Tesla ran until this segment gets going


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