Union and SPD: another 300 million. Euro for charging infrastructure & stronger incentives for the purchase of electric cars

Union and SPD: another 300 million. Euro for charging infrastructure & stronger incentives for the purchase of electric cars-another

Stronger than previously assumed the charging infrastructure in Germany grow. In order for this, the executive board members of the Bundestag fractions of CDU, CSU and SPD in a published decision for greater promotion of the expansion of publicly accessible electricity gas stations. Instead of 300 million euros so far 600 million euros in the 2020 expiring Federal Promotion program will flow charge infrastructure.

Furthermore, stronger incentives should be created for the purchase of electric cars. Among other things, this means that pure e-company cars will therefore only be taxed in the future only half and benefit e-cars more from the environmental bonus. Also the promotion of electric transporters and public transport buses should be expanded.

“A key to lead the drive transition of electromobility to success is the nationwide charging infrastructure. We will therefore double the funds for the funding program for publicly accessible charging infrastructure at the end of 2020 for the publicly accessible charging infrastructure on six-hundred millions of euros and extend appropriately appropriately.”Decision of the executive board members of 13./ 14. June 2019

The aim of the Federal Program Loading infrastructure is the construction of a nationwide charging infrastructure with nationwide 15.000 charging columns, each pillar usually offers two charging points. For this, the BMVI will provide a total of 300 million euros by a total of 300 million euros; This should now be increased to 600 million euros and the funding period will be extended. The VDA is likely to feel.

Already in early June, the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) of Politics “has submitted recommendations for a successful start-up of the loading infrastructure for electric vehicles by 2030. Without electromobility, the ambitious goal of sustainable mobility, as required by legislation in Europe, can not be achieved. For a successful market hood of e-mobility, the fast and sustainable expansion of the charging infrastructure is the most important prerequisite, so the association in a recent communication. Against the background of ambitious goals is the current stock of 17.400 public charging points in Germany “absolutely insufficient”.

The question of which one can currently face is how meaningfully the increase of the budget is. At least from the point of view of the manufacturer of charging columns, because these can hardly cover the resulting needs. At the moment, retrofitting brakes on calibration-compliant solutions so many house, including production suffers.

Our author Michael has already taken up the topic in his article “Germany needs more charging stations for electric cars” already picked up.

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1 thought on “Union and SPD: another 300 million. Euro for charging infrastructure & stronger incentives for the purchase of electric cars”

  1. Hello dear interested parties of e-mobility,
    Now, where the German car manufacturers finally want to build in series e-cars and also bring many new types on the market from 2020, finally movement comes into the charging stations infrastructure. Now the Groko wants to invest. Why now? Well, because the German manufacturers are now so far. Two, three years ago, that would not have been good because there were only foreign brands from it to the big part.
    The thought grows in me to believe that this was wanted. You always have to make the first step before the second, otherwise nothing will be done!


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