Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?

Uniti One

China car and ghost factory: the world fell for an electric car fraud?

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-fell
Uniti The Uniti One should become a revolutionary mini-streak

In addition to Tesla, there are also many small startups on the Stromer ticket and try to attract investors with imaginative concepts and sometimes the same stories. However, one of the best-known electric startup could turn out to be hot air.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information inspires the imagination of the politicians, the media – and investors: electromobility has caused gold digging mood in the financial sector and in the case of lucky knights. Whether under the label "Traffic turn" or "transformation": You can expect a creativity boost and huge capital flows. Because everyone should drive electrically soon, there is a lot to earn.But everyone’s beginning is difficult. The Sono Motors solar car was postponed again and the BMW Isetta clone Microlino with an electric motor is only slowly moving towards the start of sales. After all, these are serious startups.

Solar car sion again on the tipping: IPO is becoming an obstacle course

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-electric

Site Solar car sion again on the tipping: IPO is becoming an obstacle course

UNITI ONE: Electric car for the city

The Swedish magazine "Filter" recently uncovered that the Swedish magazine "Filter" recently appeared in the field of electric newcomers. There you took a close look at the Uniti Motors based in Sweden. In 2017 it promised nothing less than the car of the future: the Uniti One, an electric three -seater with a range of 300 kilometers and extremely futuristic design. A modern factory was to be created in Landskrona on Oresund; So the promise with which a seven-digit euro amount was inserted right at the start of the company per crowdfunding.

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-world
Uniti The next start-up is bankruptcy: Swedenwunder does not come on the street

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The "fully automated" work was never built, while company founder Lewis Horne modified his story: Now the uniti should be built in the British Silverstone – from 2020 and no less than 300.000 units per year. In autumn 2019 he fully adopted a price for the British market: 15.100 pounds – “including the state subsidies.“And initiated theatrically:“ This is only the beginning of our trip to a more sustainable future."

The show car became a cheap current from China

But then nothing happened – until Uniti presented a finished car to his investors in the summer of 2021, the Uniti Zero. However, it no longer looked like the futuristic prototype called one, but noticed striking similarities with the Chinese cheap car Zhidou D3. No trace of a new approach. When that noticed at some point, the embarrassing story came to the public.

Solar car could crack efficiency record – and should already be on the market in summer

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-fraud

Bit projects Solar car could crack efficiency record – and should already be on the market in summer

At the request of Site, Horne justifies himself by email: “Startups do what you can do with the available resources. At the beginning you communicate your vision, show the world and ask for capital to implement you. If you don’t get the capital, you or you will solve the problems that prevent your success."

The startup founder says that

Horne continues: “We have not managed to collect the capital necessary for our uniti-one factory, so we tactically used an existing platform and production line.“This is so common in the auto industry, Horne claims:“ We want to introduce the Uniti Zero and build a financial basis in order to build the Uniti One as planned."Horne concludes with the note that" viewed by a conspiracy theoritic lens "-the story written by the" Filter "magazine only serves to generate subscribers.

"He thinks he’s Elon Musk"

The company’s employees seem to see it differently. The "Automobilwoche" writes: "The workforce of the start-up should now have shrunk heavily. The Swedish journalists spoke to a former UNITI manager who obviously no longer has great sympathy for Horne today."The magazine quotes the founder with the words:" He thinks he’s Elon Musk, but he is just a fraudster, he has no idea about cars ".

What is the problem at the e-car shop? Researchers are looking for testers

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-uniti

Site What is the problem at the e-car shop? Researchers are looking for testers

Not the first electric flop

The Swedish startup is in no illustrious, but numerous society. Because a number of electric car projects have recently been driven to the wall. For example, the US company Local Motors, which initially marketed impressive 3D printed fun cars, but then sensed the big business with an autonomous and fully electric van name "Olli". The self-driving breakdown van, derived from a vehicle from the "Urban Mobility Challenge: Berlin 2030", recently made a name for itself with a serious accident, but a driver at the wheel. At the 14th. January 2022 the lights went out at Local Motors.

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-fell
Press Inform Nio, byton, Faraday Future: It is so bad about the e-car start-ups really

The Damocles sword of disappointed investors also hovers over Faraday Future, the California startup of the eccentric pleitier and former billionaire YT Jia, as well as about the Fisker brand, whose boss and founding figure Henrik Fisker are happy to deal with skeptics on the short message service Twitter. And the stock of the startup Canoo, which actually wants to come onto the market with an electric van this year, has now crashed by two thirds compared to its climax.

Rene Will Rendite: Four simple mistakes prevent you from making more of your money

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-fell

Site Rene Will Rendite: Four simple mistakes prevent you from making more of your money

The Startup Nikola Motor also ended its high flight, but it is not about battery vehicles, but about an electric hydrogen truck. Against Nikola in autumn 2020, fraud allegations were loud . In the meantime, an electric truck has been delivered in cooperation with suppliers such as Iveco. Nikola’s share price, however, crashed after the allegations of fraud and has remained at a low level since then – the investors are still suspicious of whether there is (or again) enough potential in the truck builder.

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-world
Canoo According to i3 & i8: Ex-BMWler present the wrong new electric car Canoo

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Faraday, Fisker, Canoo: Will it still be something?

If you are looking for electric flops, you don’t have to drive far. In Germany, Swiss Post has the in -house StreetScooter brand, which once took up the company under large -gauge announcements, as a hot potato dropped. The project "Desires the German Auto Industry", the news magazine "Spiegel" stuck in 2014. In the following years, however, the vehicle mostly caused negative headlines: sometimes postmans complained that they would have to drive in the dark without heating and light so as not to drop the range into the bottomless, sometimes the cars failed in snow and ice or were even on fire on. The dimensions of the recall and the technical problems came to light only slices .

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-electric
Instagram/Sugardesign_1 New Tesla model should now come in 2025

Even Tesla still unsettles investors

What sound feet even the king of the e industry on proved the reactions to an investor telephone conference of the Tesla brand a few weeks ago. The analysts had waited for euphoric visions in order to be able to pass them through their customers. But company boss Elon Musk goss water in the wine: there are still supply chain problems in production, and the long overdue models Semi, Roadster and Cybertruck would probably come onto 2023 at the earliest. Also the "Volks-Tesla", a compact current below the Model 3 for around 25.$ $ $, Is postponed.Tesla’s investors were angry: "We wanted confidence from Musk," complained the analyst Dan Ives from Wedbush Securities. “Instead, Musk talked about robots and the supply chain."There was no reason to" call the word ‘supply chain’ into a crowded theater.“The Tesla share promptly went on a rapid descent, which subsequently the entire E-Auto sector Mitriss. Apparently, the imagination had temporarily assumed.

Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-again tipping becoming obstacle course
YouTube/The Fast Lane Truck E-Pickup Rivian is taken hard: with fat load over hill and stone

Established US manufacturer Jagen Tesla

After all: the stock was again and Tesla is still more valuable than all other automotive companies. Model 3 is currently the most successful e-car in the world. But Elon Musk will always have to deliver new successes so that Tesla also retains his supremacy.Because the competitors come up – not only established manufacturers such as Volkswagen or Ford. The US manufacturers in particular want to take the electrical butter off the bread in their most important home segment, the pickups .

Now the substance counts

Of course there is also promising competition for Tesla beyond the established car world. Emerging electric vehicle manufacturers such as NIO, Rivian Automotive or Lucid Group recently went to the stock exchange. But who has enough chances of success? Experts, for example, give Rivian good opportunities – the manufacturer develops an electric delivery vehicle for Amazon and started selling its heavy electric SUV. However, Rivian runs danger from the electrical offensive of the"Big three" GM, Ford and Chrysler to be overrun. Lucid Motors also not only seems to have promised an imposing electricity, but also to have put it on the bikes as ready for series production . The analysts of Motley Fool meanwhile see the Chinese manufacturer Nio as a solid Tesla opponent .In any case, it turns out: Now that the electric car has arrived in the mainstream and the large established car manufacturers also rely on it, at least in certain markets, the closed season for startups is over. A nice story, a bit of climate change drama and crowdfunding for an idea are no longer sufficient.

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Uniti One: the world fell for an electric car fraud?-fell

Bit projects Harvard doctor warns five foods that increase her risk of dementia

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  1. people
    Only invested when delivered. Everything else is pure money burning. Even if becomes, … Only invested when delivered. Everything else is pure money burning. Even if it is delivered, it can still be a shot in the oven. E-cars are not the Holy Grail in today’s development state. They are more test vehicles with which you try to create a cleaner mobility that is not even cleaner in many cases and is kept only by subsidies. Besides, the world did not fall for it. They were just a few fanatics and players. For example, I don’t know this manufacturer at all.

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    As long as the poverty pensioner does not have the money, but I think in 2025 the turn will come at the ballot box, there will be a majority of protest voters to wipe the current one, and the Greens go back to where they were once.That is why Habeck enjoys the time with prohibitions and new regulations that come after you will have difficult to do to lead this back to their old stand.

  3. Disruptive technologies
    Usually lead to a gold digging mood. We finally saw this in a similar form when introducing the Internet. How many of the former quick starter are still on the market today? Only a few, but who could prevail and have used the technology effectively and consistently, are now absolute world market leaders (Z.B. Amazon). Some of the old top dogs fell by the wayside or disappeared into the sinking: Z.B. Nixdorf or source. The same is currently happening in the auto industry. I’m curious how many of the old top dogs still build cars independently in 2040 or just one more "brand" are.

  4. The consequences of money
    The electric carmakers and their excesses remind me of how it was in the IT industry a few years ago. A garage shop that ultimately didn’t deliver anything was worth millions. So it is also a company foundations with the entire e-car. You just have to announce an electric car and the investors jump long before it is only delivered. First deliver, then money. Nothing beforehand. But all this environmental madness is based on money, self -deception and hot air anyway.

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    Live in a big city as a tenant, my next charging station is 250 meters from my front door, find the mistake. Hope only that the raw materials are running faster than the charging station, a fake high 3 times 10 the whole here. But since it is about money (not primarily), the money of taxpayers, and the current situation of the "complete energy" If you get out of hand, you wonder that there is still more demos against the corona measures than against the energy prices. Because Corona we have in 5 years (hope then weakened a lot then), but energy makes us bankrupt (what is more important "Fundamental rights or your money"), again to everyone, why is there still more demos against Corona? the "Traffic lights tour" started with the end result of the election 2021…

  6. Energy crisis? Why, surely!
    I would say that it will be time to rely on a technology as soon as possible that solves the problem of locomotion as efficiently as possible with the lowest possible energy consumption. I would say that Bev. ICE vehicles with 80% energy conversion into unused thermal energy are rather little use. or?

  7. Please ?
    Who falls in ? Certainly not the world ! the "World" is not even interested in this topic. At best, this is in Europe and of course in Germany Omni-Present. This is also known here by reporting around the clock on all channels "MEGA-Subventured Pseudo-World Retters’ Thema" And at best, good -faith donors and governments have cheated on loans, grants, etc…..

  8. I think it’s completely wrong,
    To put government investments in e-cars. Then exactly something happens. This is by no means sustainable. It would be sustainable to finance an e-infrastructure up to the charging stations. Infrastructure is called power plants (!) and lines (!), and then at the end at some point the sockets (charging stations) from which the electricity comes. 9.000 € for an electric car with a term of 10 years maximum and then co-2 certificates-human people, please be 9.000,-€ in every heat pump and every photovoltaic system as funding and give CO 2 certificates on top of the photovoltaic on top. They run for more than 10 years. But there is no Elon Musk. Please more strategy and professionalism in funding.

  9. Completely your opinion
    That’s how I see it too. Above all, I don’t put a 30k € on the table for a car that I can only drive Pi. For 10 years driving I usually pay a 4 -digit amount. A good used man who has been behind for 10 years, I drove for another 10 years with a mileage somewhere between 5 and 10,000 kilometers.

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    always startup? There are company or. Business startings. Why always these pruning? Or should it sound more interesting through the term startup?

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    If you fell in: China car and ghost factory: the world fell for an electric car fraud? But also with the suction. Olympic Games…Well, Made in China…


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