Unknowns leave air from SUV tires – and threaten drivers

"No activists, but criminals"

Unknowns leave air out of SUV tires – and drivers threaten drivers with tougher actions

Unknowns leave air from SUV tires - and threaten drivers-Dry-ice-cooled electric motorcycle breaks world
Cattle man The plate tire of an SUV (symbol image)

It should be a supposedly funny one "Krampus campaign" to be a Santa Claus: unknown people left the air from the tire parked SUV in Munich. And they threaten drivers even more. The head of an automobile club finds clear words for the campaign.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information how the local newspapers "Tz" and "Evening News" Reported, pulled through the city center of Munich on Monday night and left the air out of the tires with several SUVs parked on the roadside on the roadside. "Three SUVs owners reported to the police on Monday and filed a complaint for property damage. They had parked their cars in Maxvorstadt. The police assume that even more SUV owners will report", reports the "Evening News".

Confused political messages

While most media from one "Action of climate protectors" speak, there are no evidence of this. The note that, among other things, on the left -wing extremist platform "IndyMedia" has been published, some of them contain confused political messages: "Your car is too big, too expensive and consumes too many resources. Even when parking, your cart consumes too much space", can be read there, and cars would also be under "neocolonial and inhumane working conditions manufactured."

Mint trick: you really have to exchange your winter tires?

Unknowns leave air from SUV tires - and threaten drivers-unknowns

Site Mint trick: you really have to exchange your winter tires?

On the note is the "Crampus" shown, a figure based in southern Germany and Austria, which is supposed to punish children as assistants of Nicholas. Logos of car companies – including Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Tesla – as well as the ADAC are also shown. Anyone who is responsible for the dubious action in Munich is not yet known, not even whether there were accidents due to the tire sabotage.

Open threat to drivers

Drivers are already indirectly becoming more "Actions" threatened: "Park is better no longer on the street", it says in the pamphlet, because the Krampus "Come every year" and be "not known for becoming nice". Michael Haberland, President of the automotive club based in Munich "Mobile in Germany", Can only shake your head via the action: "Tires are extremely important for safety in road traffic, especially in winter. For both the drivers and the other road users. Whoever does something like this is not an activist, but criminal", So Haberland to site.

Already at the IAA in Munich in September 2021, various left -wing extremists had announced riots and interference against drivers. Apart from smaller incidents, the riots failed to materialize. The Munich police had shown a strong presence to guarantee a safe course of the fair.

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Unknowns leave air from SUV tires - and threaten drivers-threaten

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13 thoughts on “Unknowns leave air from SUV tires – and threaten drivers”

  1. I would like to…
    …Do not necessarily catch such a brainless rabbit in action with my SUV. Because that … would certainly regret this. I probably too, because then I would be a criminal record.

  2. Limits of growth
    The cars are getting bigger and bigger. Yesterday in the shopping center, an older couple hardly grabbed the SUV and scolded confined, standard -friendly, parking spaces. However, since the next generation of electric SUVs will be even bigger, the absurd will increase even further. A society that radically only wants to implement its own opinion, even violently, does not remain stable. We have to establish the compromise as a democracy path and bring radicals to the prison early. Anyone who attacks tires has to go behind Swedish curtains, or we become unbelievable.

  3. cool action
    If the SUV overtakes you on the highway in the construction site and you will be pushed off because these carts are so wide .. Then you ask yourself who the criminal is actually here .. And that’s common usus. Most don’t even know how wide their asphalt cowboy sledges are. Those are megaout, just an imposition in traffic. Abolish !

  4. Dear Christoph…
    …How about just informing yourself and not just stupid jealums of envy of other brainless? The 7 Series Golf, for example, is over 2 mtr as well as the BMW SUV. The SUVs are higher, but not mandatory, if so, then we talk about 5cm, which is hardly recognizable. Families vans are even wider there! Do you want to curse them too?? Please just think yourself

  5. consequence ?
    incomprehensible how some of this still try to relativize or as "hoax" to present. Ultimately, it is at least property damage due to ….???? Probably envy or other low reasons. And the lover of "….Burned earth for the children…": No generation before grew in this prosperity and stress -free. Except for demanding in all directions, however, you don’t see much ! But well, what should you expect from these parents…..the obvious "Suvś" have recognized as an enemy image ! If you do not work hard you will not see any results……

  6. I am my car
    This is how people who identify with the matter write about it, with which they surround themselves. Good customers are so loyal to the line and buy carts that are too fat. Most of the time, these boxes are over the owner: inside .. and the financing banks still over it. If you do not work hard you will not see any results .. This also applies to disused SUVs .. Because then they no longer spit out dirt .. hahaha

  7. Our society has a propane!
    The bad thing is that this is also approved by ideologically confused people. Regardlessly, this will do so in the same way, luckily it will be cleared here. Fortunately because the thinking of these people becomes clear here. It exposes itself as terrorism. First property damage, tires stabbed, cars lit and then the owners of the cars? democracy? No thanks?

  8. Envy
    The envy of the ownership brings some to such statements. ……………………………………………………………. …………………………………………..………… …………………………

  9. It’s very simple
    We finance the work of everyone who only has flows in the head and instead of that these good -fors are grateful, that they can bum all day long, destroy the tires of which their rotten life finance. There is only such nonsense in Germany, no country in the world has such spinners

  10. Greetings from the last millennium
    Ahaha … The word fame is still missing: in … Then you can also adequately assign this comment …

  11. "No activists, but criminals"
    Activists no criminals??? How do a lot of activists behave?? Stick up on streets, block streets, so that no RTW get through and if necessary. Children come to life because the help is not there in good time,. Throw up poicopists with stones, lay fire and much more. And the left -wing politicians and many media call the activists..So actively put people in danger.

  12. Climate protector???
    No, they don’t want to protect the climate and the people, because the risk of accidents increases considerably and, like strangely, when people are damaged, the evil car (SUV) is to blame again…I only have to count on such people, even if they are caught.Where do we actually live, what is that supposed to do?I am horrified what is going on in the name of the climate car, and I hope that this stupidity does not come to accidents.But then these are probably just collateral damage in the name of a bigger thing…Just sick what is going on in some heads (probably at best hot air).

  13. Hm, I would stay nearby
    It is best to park there with an absolute enemy image. Such a really fat Ami pickup. Big fat heavy and thirsty. If someone then commits property damage, I would advocate exculpation on "not compatible" due to emotional emergency.


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