Until 2025: Shell builds 50.000 charging points in the UK

Until 2025: Shell builds 50.000 charging points in the UK-builds

After the acquisition of the Berlin charging infrastructure specialist UBITRICITY, Shell has now announced, in the United Kingdom 50.000 UBITRICITY charging points should be installed by 2025. That reports “Electrive.net “citing several sources. Accordingly, the Group also wants to take a part of the costs.

Currently around 3600 UBitricity loaders are already installed in the UK. To the brand of 50.000 to 2025, Shell wants to support local authorities with a financing offer, states in a communication of the Group. Thus, the “UBITRICITY-on-STREET chargers in cities across the United Kingdom should be installed too potentially zero costs”.

But that does not mean that Shell pays the charging points completely, in practice it will only be around a quarter, it says. The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OCEV) of the British Government currently assumes 75 percent of the cost of installing on-street chargers via the “On-Street Residential Charging Scheme” (ORCS). “For local authorities who want to install UBITRICITY fee stations, Shell is ready to take over the remaining costs in accordance with the commercial conditions,” says mineral oil concerts.

Shell also performs a statistic, after which 60 percent of households in British cities and metropolitan areas do not have their own parking spaces – and so on the roadside parking and shop. “It is crucial to accelerate the pace of installing chargers for electric vehicles in the UK, and this goal and the financing offer should help to achieve this”, the Shell Manager is quoted David Bunch.

Although the state bears 75 percent of the costs, Minister of Transport Rachel Maclean supports the offer of the Group, according to the Shell-Announcement. “As more and more people change to electro, this is a great example of how private investments are to be used in addition to state support to ensure that our EV infrastructure is sustainable,” says Maclean.

The acquisition of UBITRICITY had announced Shell in this January and completed in February. In the same month, the energy giants also announced until 2050 the number of charging points of 60.000 to 500.To remove 000. In April, the goal of 5000 charging stations was named for the United Kingdom – now this number with the uBitricity offer is not much higher.

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  1. Exciting. Unfortunately, it did not work in Berlin with the mass conversion of lanterns. One of the main reasons I believe that the local residents have to buy a special charging cable for 300 € at the UBITRICITY solution for the lantern shop. Of course that’s very awful and unreasonable for the citizens. Then rather let pair go to the country for more years without charging bounties for charcoal parks.


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