Up to 1.200 kilometers of range: Mercedes builds extremely efficient electric car – news

Mercedes-Benz wants to bring two new electric models, of which at least one stuff is said to have the world champion efficiency: the EQXX planned for next year should leave all competitors far behind in terms of range. Even a new luxury streamer is breaking new ground. In the video you can see the test from the new Mercedes EQA 250.

The car manufacturer Mercedes has now granted the first views of the new Stromer with star. According to a report on T3N.de should see the light of the world with the EQXX in 2022 with the EQXX. At the moment, investments in billions in billions in the “Electric Only” target are currently being put together in order to set up a technology jump in the electric vehicles. The EQXX should be the first of a new generation of Stromer for this change and thus show never-for-existent efficiency.

The EQXX has so far been running under the project name Vision EQXX and is said to be up to 1 according to current information.200 kilometers with a battery charge. Although this was only indicated, development chief Markus Schafer called a number of “over 1.000 kilometers ". However, this should not be achieved through ever larger batteries, but with a much higher efficiency. The car, which was first mentioned at the end of 2020, is intended to clearly outbid the range of the Mercedes EQS.

Up to 1.200 kilometers of range: Mercedes builds extremely efficient electric car - news-range
Diamler AG Up to 1.200 kilometers of range: Mercedes builds extremely efficient electric car

More efficiency through streamlined shape and new gearbox

The goal: The Stuttgarters want to build the most efficient electric car in the world. At normal speed on a motorway, about 10 kilometers per kilowatt hour are to be reached. Currently, as an efficiency test winner at ADAC, the Hyundai Ioniq Electro is at the top with 16.3 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers at the top. In the Guinness Book of Records, on the other hand, the Ford Mustang Mach-e is the most economical purely battery-operated electric car. He had gone more than 800 kilometers with a battery charge, we reported.

Mercedes apparently wants to achieve efficiency by reducing the air resistance. The first designs show the EQXX as a very aerodynamic vehicle with striking curves. In addition, permanently excited synchronous machines, two-speed transmission and 800-volt network voltage characterize the new generation of the Stromer with star, it is hot. Schafer also confirmed that Mercedes wanted to concentrate on silicon anode in battery cell development.

New luxury e-SUV also relies on new development

In the premium area, the Stuttgart knit at the successor of the EQ, which is supposed to put on the same platform. In the field of design, however, you want to break completely new ways, reveals design boss Gordon Wagner to the British magazine AutoExpress. No project name is yet known because a sales name of the ESUV is known, but it should have a seamless, holistic and futuristic appearance, says Wagner. The design manager even chatted out details. There should be engine variants with 245 kilowatts (333 hp) and 385 kilowatts (524 hp) and a range of at least 770 kilometers.

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