Up to 5000 euros punishment: double fines and driving bans – what German vacationers have to consider in Austria – on the go

From September, the fines for driving too fast in Austria are double. Up to 5000 euros can be due. The ADAC indicates this in a message. Since there is no uniform catalog of fines in Austria, the amount of the punishment is at the discretion of the respective authority, according to the AutoClub.

In the event of an exceeding by more than 30 km/h both in the urban and outside, the punitive framework will be 150 to 5000 euros instead of 70 to 2180 euros as before, the auto club reports.Those who are too fast in urban areas or is at least 50 km/h above the speed limit in the future will pay 300 to 5000 euros in the future. So far it was 150 to 2180 euros. In this case, a one -month driving ban also applies in Austria.The ADAC also says: "From a speed crossing by more than 80 km/h in urban town or 90 km/h outside, the offense is considered ‘under particularly dangerous conditions’ and, in addition to the fine, is punished with a fine of six months in the Alpine Republic.“With simple fines of up to 365 euros, you can pay on the spot or later by fine without the owner of the car to be determined. In addition, there is a criminal order, according to the ADAC. Not paying a criminal mandate after the vacation is of little use: “With Austria there is an agreement to enforce fines. This means that the punishment can also be collected by the German authorities from an amount of 25 euros, ”said the ADAC. However, one could object to a criminal order – not against the fine ticket itself – within two weeks.

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