Update for Porsche Toycer: More range, more connectivity, more colors

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Update for Porsche Toycer: More range, more connectivity, more colors-range

With extensive changes, Porsche Toycan and its combi variant Toycan Cross Turismo starts to the new model year from September. Thanks to technical optimizations, the range of electric sports cars in everyday life improves, so the manufacturer in a current message. Further important innovations are the deep integration of Android car into the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) and the Remote Park Assist. With this new optional assistance system, the parking and outlet can be controlled by smartphone without the driver sitting in the car. With the new options “Color of Choice” and “Color of Election Plus”, unusual and personal color wishes can now be realized: For example, the Taryal can now be painted in the market-typical star rubin of the 90s or in brightly-green acid green.

“The continuous technical development of our vehicles belongs to the DNA of Porsche. So the latest Tacal vintage scores with a seamless networking of smartphones, which now also includes Android car, “said Kevin Giek, since April Head of Tycan. “Our fully electric sports car model series Tacy grows and thrives. The newly added Cross Turismo is ideally adopted by our customers, as the excellent new orders show.”

More range thanks to technology optimizations

The new TaryCan vintage is not homologated separately, so there are no new official range values according to WLTP. Nevertheless, Porsche reflects the action radius of recent versions in everyday operation. Extensive technical measures enable this increase: in the control modes “Normal” and “Range” is almost completely decoupled in the partial load range of the front electric motor and switchless. When sailing and at standstill, no drive torque is even on both axes. This electrical freewheel reduces tow loss. Only when the driver requests more power or the driver switches, the motors are switched on again within milliseconds.

The thermal management and charging functions were further improved. With the Turbo Charging Planner, the high-voltage battery can now be heated to a slightly higher temperature than before. This can be quickly loaded earlier and at a higher state of charge. In addition, the waste heat of the electrical components is used even more for the temperature control of the battery.

Remote Park Assist: Remote control for parking

With the new desired features Remote Park Assist, the parking and offsets can be removed by smartphone without the driver taking place behind the steering wheel of Tacal. The automatic control is possible in longitudinal and transverse parking pieces as well as garages. The system recognizes parocketing automatically and miss it with the help of the ultrasonic sensors and the camera systems.

Update for Porsche Toycer: More range, more connectivity, more colors-rangePorsche

If the square is enough, the driver can start the parking process via the Porsche Connect App and then get off. He constantly monitors the parking procedure by holding down a corresponding button on the smartphone app surface. The active parking support automatically handles the steering as well as the forward and reverse ride of the vehicle. If the key is released, the Taryce stops the park maneuver immediately.

Android car now also integrated into the infotainment system

Since its introduction, the sixth generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is on board since its introduction. Thus, the electrical athletes was among the pioneers in the connectivity, especially in the depth integration of Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. In addition to Apple Car Play, Android Auto is now integrated into the PCM. In addition to the iPhone, smartphones are now also supported by the Google Operating System Android. Selected telephone functions and smartphone apps that do not affect driving safety are then via the PCM 6.0 or via the Google Assistant Voice Commands operable.

In addition, the language assistant Voice Pilot now understands even better instructions in natural language. The navigation system expects faster, using the Points of Interests (POI) primarily the online search and also represents its information clearly. Layout and operating concept were also easily revised: On the left side of the central display are instead of three five menu rejections. The symbols can be resorted individually.

Comeback of the cult colors: more individual paintings

In the 1990s, Porsche led colorful lacquers in the program, which quickly reached cult status under fans of the brand and are particularly in demand at vintage cars such as Porsche 964. Now these conspicuous colors experience their comeback. As part of the further sharpened personalization strategy of the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur there is the TaryCan next to 17 serial varnishes now also with “color of choice” as well as “color of election plus”.

Update for Porsche Toycer: More range, more connectivity, more colors-connectivityPorsche

The first option allows a painting with currently 65 additional colors. Including the brand-typical colors nightflaumetallic, acidgreen, star rubin, rivierablau or Violametallic. “Color of election plus” makes the customer almost complete freedom in the color choice, he can choose the color of his Tacal suitable for example, for example, to his favorite accessory.

Porsche Charging Service with almost 200.000 charging points

For loading, the Porsche Charging Service allows access to worldwide charging points of different providers. The central billing takes place via Porsche. Currently there are almost 200 in Europe.000 charging points in more than 20 countries. Among them are almost 6500 charging points with more than 50 kW DC charging power.

Another highlight is the exclusive Porsche Destination Charging. Here customers can charge their Porsche electric and plug-in hybrid models at particularly popular contact points for free. The program now provides more than 2000 AC charging points in more than 50 countries, such as selected hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping centers, sports clubs and marine ports. The further expansion is according to Porsche in full swing. All charging operations with the Porsche Charging Service are CO2-neutral.

Seller Tarycan

A special success was the Taconic recorded in the course of the year earlier: with around 20.He is only under the full year’s level of 2020 after the first half of the year. This moves the most recent member of the model range at eye level with the sports car icon 911.

There was also a change of leadership at Tacal: Since April 2021, Kevin Giek is head of the series. He has replaced in this position Stefan Weckbach, which is now responsible for the Cayenne series. Giek has been working for more than 18 years at Porsche AG and was last head of procurement for new vehicle projects. In this function, the 42-year-old with a team of 190 employees also accompanied the Toycan project from the beginning, including the equipment of the new factories in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

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  1. Destination Charging seems to me to be quite interesting. In addition to attractive places to be able to load free and exclusive, make sure. On the way, ionity to 33c is the bread and butt network. That could be a good combination.

    Show the changes you are constantly working on the product. The range increase is probably a learning from the surprisingly efficient RWD. Overall, the car is astonishingly rich for those skilled in the highway for those skilled in the art. Since the excellent air resistance come together with the strong recupportation.

    That you are working on the serial navigation and the voice input, I expect it. Because it is a luxury vehicle vehicle, as all the function must be at least above average.

  2. What has confused me was the statement that the front engine is decoupling in the Range mode. I always thought the car goes in Range mode anyway only with the front engine and the rear is decoupled over the 2-speed gearbox … Makes sense to use the smaller motor in part load operation because it is smaller, therefore better utilized and thus more efficient.


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