Urban Rebel Concept: Cupras Radical View of its E-Stadtfalker

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Urban Rebel Concept: Cupras Radical View of its E-Stadtfalker-view

Cupra, the Performance brand from Seat, wants to set an electric shop with its most radical interpretation of an electric city car, an electromobile exclamation mark: The racing car clubs a pure electric drive, sustainability and performance with the exciting aesthetics of the virtual world, so the Spaniards in a current message. The Cupra Urbanrebel Concept should give a good to the future design language of an urban e-car, which in 2025 should come on the market.

Racing is located in the DNA of Cupra. Therefore, the company has decided to present its vision of a fully electric city car first as a race car with a courageous and angular look: the concept vehicle Cupra Urbanrebel Concept. The vehicle has a continuation of 250 kW (340 hp) and a peak power of up to 320 kW (435 hp). It can accelerate in just 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h.

“The urban electric car is a strategic key project – not only for our company, but for the entire Volkswagen Group. Our goal is namely, more than 500.000 electric city cars per year for the different group brands in Martorell to produce. The urban electric car will democratize e-mobility and make the wide mass accessible.”- Wayne Griffiths, CEO Cupra

The road version of the Urban Rebel Concept will connect breathtaking design with incredible dynamics, so Cupra continues. The mobile pedestal is already known: Cupra’s cityscrew is based on the short version of the modular electric drives (MEB) of the Volkswagen Group. He is intended to represent a revolution of the brand to a more progressive design language while preserving the values each individual model of Cupra: the sportiness and character that Cupra made to an unconventional Challenger fire.

Urban Rebel Concept: Cupras Radical View of its E-Stadtfalker-urbanCupra

“The Cupra Urbanrebel Concept gives the racing car a playful look and projects a radical interpretation of the company’s urban electric car,” says Jorge Diez, Design Chief of Cupra. “Each contour line and every shaped area of its design is brought to life by a paint using kinetic particles. The surface is awarded movement by changing the light changing light.”

Elements of the motor-sporting concept vehicle should also include Cupra in the road version of the electric city car. Important elements, however, were changed to give the vehicle an even more rebellious character.

A new design identity for the electric age

The Cupra Urbanrebel Concept has its roots in the design philosophy of Cupra: The brand stands according to its own statement for an emotional and unadulterated design, which is supposed to lift out through eye-catching and powerful lines and a brave expression of others and by step in the electric age still enhance.

Exactly this is also reflected in the design identity of the Cupra Urbanrebel Concept: The front part with the shark nose, for example, was designed with a negative area and also emphasized by a new triangular signature in the headlights. Its panoramic disk produces – like the Cupra Tavascan Concept – the optical effect of a helmet and thus create continuity between the slices around the entire vehicle. This creates the impression that the roof hover.

Urban Rebel Concept: Cupras Radical View of its E-Stadtfalker-viewCupra

On the sides, the car indicates its sporty proportions – with diagonally shaped surfaces by the C-pillar to the front door, which should create a voltage contrast. The rear view of the Urban Rebel Concept in turn shows sporty shoulders in a new interpretation of the design that is already visible at the Cupra form torque. The tail is waiting with a distinctive design that owes its horizontal proportions. In addition, he gives him the big spoilers – based on the racing cars that can be admired in the virtual world – an imposing and edgy look.

Urban Rebel Concept: Cupras Radical View of its E-Stadtfalker-viewCupra

With a total length of a good four meters, a width of 1.8 meters and a height of 1.4 meters, the vehicle give a predictive view of the proportions of the electric city car of the future – in the “dress” of a race car. Of course, the fact that it creates the powerful rear spoilers in the production version.

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  1. Terrible design …
    Without the associated article and only with volatile overlooking I would have survived the target group more than 16 year old Need for Speed Gamern.

  2. Of course that is not the road version.
    Take away the oversized spoilers and sills, makes the whole thing more mainstream and I see a chicky little car. The Born also convinced me, the Rebel will determine that too. Hopefully he does not lose the beautiful design details on the way to the series

  3. In such vehicles, I am already the question of whether one should incorporate guardrails for the safety of the other road users at some point. As a footwear or cyclist best in accompaniment with children I do not feel sure.

  4. What the vulture requires a city car a totally oversimpling spoiler? Are they completely overlapped? In the city, with majority 30kmh? What a completely eager concept! I can not believe it. Of that, the 500’000 pieces want to sell per year. Much further Dankelligen is no longer possible. It’s about saving resources for the upcoming generations and not to make little wannabe Machos a tail extension to craft. They really did not get anything.


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