US advertising campaigns: Beach mermaid drops the covers for Fiat 500


Beach mermaid drops the covers for Fiat 500

US advertising campaigns: Beach mermaid drops the covers for Fiat 500-drops

Supermodel Catrinel Menghia is threatened by a scorpion. But don’t worry, the rescue is near, in the form of a Fiat 500 convertible

Source: Fiat

The best commercials are around the Super Bowl. Car manufacturers want to sharpen their image in the USA. Fiat relies on sex, VW puts you in a good mood, and a young Audi driver gets a black eye.

W.Ohlfeil calculation or a kick in the faux pas? The new Volkswagen advertising film, which will be broadcast in the second quarter of the Super Bowl finals, is already causing a stir. In the 60-second commercial, employee Dave spreads a good mood at every turn in the otherwise dreary everyday office life: with his winning character – and a pronounced Jamaican accent. Dave drives a Beetle, is from Minnesota and is fair skinned.

“Didn’t anyone look there? That is racist, ”said Barbara Lippert from towards the US broadcaster NBC. The colored “New York Times” columnist Charles Blow also kept his distance. He hated it when a fair-skinned man was associated with a black voice.

The American VW executives, on the other hand, cannot understand the excitement. Marketing director Tim Mahoney claims that they interviewed 100 Jamaicans for the spot and even hired a voice coach. The main message of the “Get Happy” campaign is different. "We opted for a light, energetic spot," says Mike Sheldon, head of the advertising agency commissioned by Deutsch LA. "It stands for cheerfulness and positive energy that only the Beetle and Volkswagen can convey."

Replacement spot just in case

The number of critics is limited, however, and YouTube outweighs the number of those who enjoyed the new advertising. The polarization was not detrimental to attention. The commercial was clicked more than 600,000 times in a short period of time. The group is not yet planning to back down with the much-discussed offensive of cheerfulness. But they still have a less offensive replacement spot up their sleeve, as VW man Mahoney reveals.

VW is running a spot during the Super Bowl for the fourth year in a row. In 2011, the German car maker landed its Darth Vader variation a coup. This time, too, the investment seems to be worthwhile, even though the prices for a 30-second film will break through the four million dollar mark at this edition of the NFL finals.

The car manufacturers in particular are hoping to boost their image through funny, lively clips for the American TV highlight. The motto “sex sells” also applies here. Fiat, for example, is sending an attractive brunette to the racetrack in the new 500e. It happens at the exit of the bend: The e-mobile starts to lurch and comes off the track and disappears behind a cloud of dust.

Topless model on the beach

The rushing helpers are amazed at building blocks as they tear open the doors. The beautiful pilot kisses a shirtless man behind the wheel. In another clip, the beach model Catrinel Menghia is threatened by a scorpion until the rescuing Fiat 500 convertible from tuner Abarth rushes up. Then the distinctive mermaid disappears topless into the water.

While Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima Lolling lasciviously for Kia, the Korean manufacturer is now revealing the secret of where the offspring for all life on earth come from: from the planet Babyland.

Finally, Audi only specified the framework for its commercial for the new S6. Which variant will actually be broadcast after the kick-off will be voted on on the Internet. Only the outcome is certain. The student who snogs the class beauty of the rival at the high school ball goes home happy, but with a black eye.

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