US electric speedster: This car duckling is stronger than any Bugatti


This car duckling is stronger than any Bugatti

US electric speedster: This car duckling is stronger than any Bugatti-speedster

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Like an upright sardine can on wheels: The Tango won’t win a beauty contest, but it has a lot of power under the tiny hood.


US electric speedster: This car duckling is stronger than any Bugatti-electric

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Tango inventor Rick Woodbury at the wheel of his e-racer, which is virtually handcrafted and costs more than 105,000 euros.


US electric speedster: This car duckling is stronger than any Bugatti-stronger

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The single-seater is 99 centimeters narrow and 2.57 meters long.

Source: AFP

US electric speedster: This car duckling is stronger than any Bugatti-electric

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At the Detroit Motor Show, visitors were able to test drive the 800-hp Stromer. At 220 km / h, however, you can only move it outside.


US electric speedster: This car duckling is stronger than any Bugatti-electric

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Rick Woodbury has already sold a dozen copies of his extraordinary vehicle.

Source: Geiger

So far, Bentley, Bugatti or – ecologically correct – the Tesla E-Roadster have been the darlings of Hollywood stars. But now a new electric vehicle is conquering Beverly Hills: The Tango may look like a bookend on wheels, but it can bring 2000 hp onto the road. George Clooney is already driving it.

Tesla has shown it with the electric roadster: Hopelessly overpriced and defeated with months of delivery, the clean two-seater nevertheless became a star on the streets of Hollywood. Celebrities that have just been seen in the Bentley or Bugatti have been burning for the politically correct two-seater with the environmentally friendly electric drive – after all, hardly anyone else can afford the car, which costs well over 70,000 euros anyway.

But now the green luxury roadster is facing serious competition: the Tango from the Washington company “Commuter Cars ". Ironically, an ugly duckling from the provinces wants the Californian sun boy and scores points in four possibly decisive categories: The electrically powered Tango is on the one hand faster, more expensive and rarer than the Tesla, of which the 1,000th copy has just been completed.

On the other hand, it looks like a Smart that has been cut in half lengthways with an angular plastic body and is therefore even more noticeable in the streets than the chic sports car. So it’s no wonder that the Hollywood stars are lining up again.

The car was developed by Rick Woodbury, who not only wants to put an end to smog but also to traffic jams. To save space and get more vehicles on the road, his Tango turned out to be smaller than a motorcycle. Two Tangos fit easily on the area of ​​a Golf, and for every pick-up in their American homeland, you could get a whole fleet of 2.57-meter-long and 99-centimeter-wide speedsters moving.

Only the minimalism concept makes the car so ugly that it has to lure customers with other attractions. For example with driving pleasure. Because the electric Schmalhans has more power than a Bugatti. Woodbury promises that the Stromer pulls away from the Veyron not only at the start of the traffic light, but above all on the drag strip that is so popular in America.

This is made possible by two electric motors that together produce 800 hp and even put more than 2000 hp on the road at short notice. You achieve a maximum torque of around 1400 Nm, which makes the small wheels on the rear axle smoke quite a bit: The Tango dances from 0 to 100 in less than four seconds, and the end is only beyond 220 km / h.

As soon as you step on the accelerator, the Tango shoots away like lightning. If you are not careful, you will be standing in front of you in the trunk. Only in the corners do you take it slower at first. But confidence grows with every meter.

Because the center of gravity, thanks to the electric drive, which weighs more than 900 kilograms, is deep down above the asphalt, the Tango is as full and safe on the road as a Porsche 911, promises developer Woodbury.

The motors are fed either by lead batteries or lithium-ion cells. They drive up the price by around 30,000 dollars, but increase the range from 80 to around 250 kilometers. And if you have to drive on, you can take a trailer with a generator – also a kind of range extender.

The car, the development of which began over ten years ago, may look like an upright sardine can on wheels – but at least the driver has a surprising amount of space strapped into a narrow racing seat. At the back, on the other hand, it is very cramped and there is not enough space in the trunk for more than two shopping bags.

In spite of this, the first dozen of the approximately 105,000 euros expensive amusement have already been built and delivered – largely by hand. For example, the Hollywood star George Clooney. And the waiting list goes well into summer, according to Woodbury. Money doesn’t play the violin in Beverly Hills. And what’s more, a Bugatti is even tighter, gets stuck in traffic immediately – and costs almost ten times as much.

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