US market: corporations swing on E-car

US market: corporations swing on E-car-market

The Autoconcerns General Motors, Ford and Stellantis have announced in a joint statement that they want to achieve between 40 and 50 percent of their sales in the US with pure E cars, plug-in hybrids or hydrogen cars by 2030 by 2030. One day later, Nissan moved. This paragraph destination has apparently US President Joe Biden the car turning, reports “ “citing the manufacturers.

In the relatively narrow explanation of the car maker, the “recent product, technology and investment announcements underline our common commitment to be a leader in the transition to electric vehicles in the US”. The site is a “dramatic shift” from today’s US market that only “can be achieved by the timely use of all electrification policies promised by the government in the” build-back Better Plan “.

The joint message of the carmaker was published in the run-up to an event of the White House. US President Joe Biden wants to talk about electric cars and consumption standards. “If I say that electric vehicles are the future, I do not jokes,” biders sent to the meeting per tweet. This week, the government wants to submit its revised requirements for fuel consumption for new cars from the model year 2026.

The White House itself released the report a “Fact Sheet”, according to the biders, an executive order will sign that the goal of a 50% new-admission share of emission-free vehicles until 2030 – but the white house is subsequently besides electric cars and Hydrogen vehicles also plug-in hybrids, which is known to be deemed to be emission-free. The measures to proclaim biders, “America enabled to promote the future of electric vehicles, to exceed China and to cope with the climate crisis”.

The third-party electrical target mark of 40 to 50 percent of US sales by 2030 will not lead to a new planning for each of the corporations. In the presentation of its electric strategy at the beginning of July, Stellantis announced that by 2030 already 40 percent of its paragraph in the United States, with just those “Low Emission Vehicles” (LEV), announced. Not only US brands such as Jeep are increasingly electrified, also the performance brand Dodge and the Pickup brand RAM will be offered from 2024 electric cars. The recent announcement, also the Brands Alfa Romeo, Lancia and DS on electric drives, will not help Stellantis in the USA.

Ford has so far announced a share of 40 percent of pure electric cars by 2030 globally. Incidentally, in Europe, the brand wants to sell only pure stromases in this year – with 100 percent BEV in Europe, the other sales regions, including the US, is likely to be below 40 percent in the planning.

The 40 percent BEV brand on the global paragraph is already awarded General Motors for the year 2025, so five years earlier than competitor Ford. Since the Chevrolet Bolt and his offshoot Bolt EUV are currently quasi entertainers at the US offer at the pure electric cars, the US autories are heavily based on the upcoming model offensive with vehicles based on the Ultium platform. For 2030 no intermediate goal of General Motors is currently known, by 2035 cars and commercial vehicles to 3.8 tons but only electric ancestral ancestors – whether with battery or in some segments also with hydrogen.

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6 thoughts on “US market: corporations swing on E-car”

  1. … I dream ..
    Ford Ebronco / Jeep Ewrangler .. also like a number smaller like the announced baby jeep

    Base, without frills like autonomous driving, self-relocating steering wheels, etc.
    It builds easy, different battery packs, V2H, affordable!

    The steering wheel is for directing, the few cm to the “radio button” or to ventilation I get still. Better still, the central iDrive of BMW on the center armrest – et voila !

    Not every car needs climate or navigation – putting yourself in an open convertible, on the display you should see nothing. And when I can open the windows for ventilation or even the roof – for a climate? In my Beetle, they never ran in all these years.
    Oh – apropos in all these years I come to currently 189TKM on still 25km in which someone sat on the back seat !
    Not everyone needs a family VAN / SUV – often rich 2 seats, especially for commuter vehicles.

    # Weight costed energy saving search gates
    # Idividuality textile look

  2. Who wants to leave up to 2030, to then be only 40-50% “electrically”, which will have already registered until then bankruptcy if he does not have to be “saved” by the state before.

  3. Unfortunately, there is still the way out hybrid for the manufacturers. 40% BEVs would be an announcement. 40% hybrid is ridiculous.

  4. This paragraph destination has apparently US President Joe Biden the car turning, reports “ “citing the manufacturers.

    The current US president has these manufacturers “calculated”, D.H. You would rather go on with burners as before and there I come back with the possible re-election of Trumps, which would be very located very much – it would not be surprised if he gets donated by those.

  5. In the US, the circumstances, especially the sheer size, are very different in the different states. I see no really high electrification quota come eg. in North Dakota or in Alaska &# 128521; In the New Enden States and in California, on the other hand. It remains exciting.


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