US market: General Motors attacks VW with a diesel sedan


General Motors attacks VW with a diesel sedan

US market: General Motors attacks VW with a diesel sedan-motors

The Chevrolet Cruze with state-of-the-art diesel technology is supposed to steal customers in the USA from the VW Jetta TDI. Diesel is gradually becoming a little more popular in America.

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With the increasing popularity of diesel cars among US buyers, GM is also bringing a corresponding model onto the market. It is an attack on diesel market leader VW. But he is calm.

General Motors discovers diesel for the USA: The Opel parent company presented a diesel version of its popular mid-size sedan Chevrolt Cruze at the Chicago auto show. It is a direct attack on Volkswagen’s Jetta TDI, as GM openly admitted.

The 2.0-liter turbo unit with its 148 hp is the most advanced diesel that General Motors has ever brought out, said chief developer Jens Wartha. The basis is an Opel engine that has been "perfected" with American exhaust technology.

So far, diesel cars have led a niche existence in the USA. They still have the reputation of being the dirt slingshot in broad sections of the population. The market share last year was just over three percent, including many vans. However, things are slowly changing and analysts are predicting massive increases in sales.

Volkswagen holds 70 percent of the US market

The development is led by the German manufacturers who have been promoting diesel in the United States for years. "Volkswagen alone holds around 70 percent of the market," said North America boss Jonathan Browning. "We assume that we will be able to defend our market leadership in the diesel segment in the foreseeable future."

At Volkswagen, every fifth car sold in the US last year was a diesel. Compared to 2011, sales of the brand’s diesel cars increased by more than half to 90,300 units. In addition to the Jetta, the larger Passat is the best seller of the Wolfsburg-based company in the USA.

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