USA: 15 billion dollars for nationwide loading network

USA: 15 billion dollars for nationwide loading network-dollars

The US government has now officially confirmed 15 billion dollars in building a national network of 500.To invest 000 charging stations for electric vehicles. This reports “ “. The order of magnitude was already instructed in advance, now the administration of US President Joe Biden calls more details.

A combination of subsidy and incentive programs for governments of states and municipalities as well as the private sector should therefore be accelerated to the construction of charging stations on multi-family houses, on public parking, communities and fast charging stations along the streets of the country.

Although the US government agree that the “most drivers of electric vehicles […] at home and at work” are invited, it is called in the sharing of the White House. However, the public charging infrastructure “play a key role for people without parking away from the road and for longer trips”. A robust, practical and affordable network of public chargers increase the trust of the drivers, wherever necessary to have a charging option.

Of the services arising around the construction and maintenance of the charging points, the government hopes “well paid trade union workstations here in America, which can not be outsourced”. Accordingly, subsidies are also planned to bring more manufacturers of charging infrastructure to the USA. The Energy Ministry also announced new research funding on three topics related to the loading of electric vehicles, for which a total of $ 34 million is provided.

The Ministry of Transport Guided by the former Presisitors applicant also launched the fifth round for “corridors for alternative fuels” – with this program, the construction of infrastructure for loading, hydrogen, propane and natural gas is promoted along interstats and highways. This is to be supported in 25 states 51 interstats and 50 highways.

There is also an update to the planned conversion of the federal fleet: the competent General Services Administration explains that one is on the way to triple the number of new Zero Emission Vehicles compared to the previous year.

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  1. Let’s see how competitive VW with its own “Electrify America” will be chargers in the American market.
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