USA: Grand coalition fights cunningly against police officers


Grand coalition fights cunningly against police officers

USA: Grand coalition fights cunningly against police officers-coalition

Parking meters are still widely used in the United States. These here also accept credit cards

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They follow policemen and secretly feed parking meters: a guerrilla war is raging between law enforcement officers and libertarian activists in the US state of New Hampshire. Apparently they feel like Robin Hood.

E.A group of mysterious strangers helps parking sinners in need in the USA – and sees itself in the tradition of Robin Hood in doing so. The story is set in the small town of Keene, New Hampshire.

However, the members of the group do not take from the rich to give the poor illegal parking, but help out with their own money. That is when they discover a vehicle that is parked at an expired parking meter.

As the "Washington Post" reports, the helpers of the parking offenders specifically follow the policemen and feed the clocks before the law enforcement officers can write parking tickets. They leave a slip of paper for the owners of the vehicles saying “Your parking meter has expired; but we saved you from the sheriff’s duties ”. The document is signed with "Robin Hood and his happy companions".

The city is losing money on the initiative

In the administration of the city, however, the initiative is not at all funny. After all, penalty mandates are significantly more lucrative than correctly paid parking fees. In addition, the community sees a harassment of its employees in the activities and therefore wants to file a lawsuit.

The city also points out the threat of additional costs, as some of the police officers are thinking of resigning due to the stress. Training new workers would cost time and money.

What is known about the activists is that they belong to the Free Keene organization and the Free State Project. These are radical-libertarian associations that want to abolish the state and put the free forces of the market in its place.

The small east coast state of New Hampshire is something like the basin of the movement, which is said to have around 13,000 members. As it is said, the movement is also trying to change the majority structure through the targeted influx of sympathizers into the state.

In Germany this type of civil disobedience has occurred again and again in earlier times. Today, however, one hardly hears about it anymore, for an obvious reason: The majority of parking meters in this country have long been replaced by parking ticket machines.

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