USA: Motorists arrested for stealing electricity


Motorists arrested for stealing electricity

USA: Motorists arrested for stealing electricity-arrested

Electricity thief Kaveh Kamooneh from Georgia and the "tool", the electric car Nissan Leaf

Source: Dekalb County / Nissan

Anyone who taps into someone else’s power socket with their mobile phone can be liable to prosecution. A man was arrested in the United States for charging his Nissan Leaf at a school. The amount in dispute is ridiculous.

HHave you ever charged your smartphone at the airport or in a public building without asking or paying the electricity bills? In the United States, a car owner has now been arrested for charging his Nissan Leaf from a public school outlet.

Kaveh Kamooneh from Dekalb (US state Georgia) brought it to the national television stations because of an alleged petty offense and involuntarily opened a heated debate. He wanted to watch his son play a tennis match at school and in the meantime he refueled his electric car at the socket in the public school car park.

A police officer watched him. But instead of immediately confronting Kamooneh, he first took up the case and filed a complaint.

Comparison with the public water dispenser

Eleven days later, the officers came to Kamooneh’s home and took him to the station, where they held him for 15 hours. One of the local police chiefs, Ernesto Ford, insists that he acted according to the law. “He broke the law, he took something that didn’t belong to him. Theft is theft. "

Electricity thief Kamoneeh does not deny the allegation, but feels punished too harshly. In his defense, the family man revealed that the date fell on a Saturday and the school was closed so he could not ask anyone. In addition, no one would be arrested for plugging their laptop or smartphone into sockets or drinking from the public water dispenser.

Incidentally, the electricity costs for Kamooneh’s 20-minute tank stop amounted to 20 cents.

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