USA: Renovation plan provides 174 billion dollars for e-mobility

USA: Renovation plan provides 174 billion dollars for e-mobility-provides

For a good 2.3 trillion US dollar (about 1.9 trillion euros) Heavy rehabilitation plan of the US infrastructure, the news agency Reuters has learned some details. Accordingly, the Democratic President Joe Biden plans to stack 174 billion US dollars (about 146 billion euros) in the promotion of electric vehicles. Of this, $ 100 billion (about 84 billion euros) flows in purchase price premiums and 15 billion US dollars (about 12.5 billion euros) in the construction of 500.000 new charging stations. However, it is still open whether and how much of Biden’s plan can actually be implemented. Because there is still the decision of the US Congress, where the Republican parts of the plan have criticized harsh in the past few days.

Should the plan become reality, 20 percent of the US school bus fleet (at cost of $ 20 billion) and 50.000 Fossil Powered public transport vehicles (cost: 25 billion US dollars) are converted to electric drives, as well as the share of electric vehicles in US authorities and state companies as the US post should increase massively. In addition, the plan prefers to extend the nationwide tax credit of $ 7500 (about 6300 euros) each purely battery-powered vehicle. The tax credit receives the automakers themselves and continue directly to their buyers.

These discounts should be considered as before only for electric cars produced in the USA. However, this does not exclude that German manufacturers could benefit from it. Daimler operates a work in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; BMW has a built in the USA extremely popular building SUV specialized factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina; Volkswagen starts from 2022 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with the production of purely electrical ID.-Models. BMW and Daimler, on the other hand, have no concrete plans for the US production of pure E cars.

The Biden plan also provides for investing $ 80 billion (67 billion euros) in the likeness of the rail network, including 16 billion US dollars (about 13.5 billion euros) for the national amtrac network and 39 billion US Dollar (about 33 billion euros) for the expansion of the populous Northeast Corridor, in particular infrastructure in the region around New York.

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