Used car check Mercedes E-Class: This E-Class is available at a bargain price

Used car check Mercedes E-Class

This E-Class is available at a bargain price

Used car check Mercedes E-Class: This E-Class is available at a bargain price-check

Used car check: Mercedes E-Class: The star shines again
The Mercedes E-Class was just getting an extensive facelift. Now the hour of used car buyers is beating: The first version of the model published in 2009 is available at greatly reduced prices.

The four-eye face was not a hit-so far it has not been going on for Mercedes with the E-Class. The current generation split the customers until early lifting with double headlights and hip swing. The technology, on the other hand, is undisputedly good – if not completely flawless. At the TuV, at least, the model called W 212 (2009 until today) cuts better than the two predecessors.

Body and interior

Design is a matter of taste. Apparently, the E-Class failed in the 2009 market launch in 2009. The inner values can convince. Processing, selection of materials, seating comfort, operation: The W 212 can meet its premium claim in all points. The space available is also worthy of a model of the upper middle class. With almost 2000 liters, the combination called the T-model offers maximum storage space one of the largest luggage compartments ever. This can not only be used for suitcases and shopping bags, but – using optional folding seats – also for the transport of two additional passengers.
Diesel with rear wheel drive plus automatic is the most common drive variant in a used E-Class. A recommended choice is the E 250 CDI with four cylinders and 150 kW /204 hp, the throughout and economy is most skillfully combined. Even the weaker E 220 CDI with 125 kW / 170 hp is not much more frugal in practice or according to technical data. The entry -level diesel 200 CDI with 100 kW / 136 hp is just something for cozy natures. If you want a six-cylinder, you can choose between the models 300, 350 and 350 Bluetec-the latter already fulfills the Euro 6 emissions standard on the used car market.
The petrol engines under which the 250 CGI with 150 kW / 204 hp is also to be found comparatively rarely, but due to its reserved thirst is an alternative to a diesel. If you do not matter, make the E-Class into a sports car with six and eight-cylinder engines with six and eight-cylinder engines. The competitive span ranges from 185 kW / 252 hp to 386 kW / 525 hp in the E 63 AMG. All -wheel drive can be combined with numerous motor variants, a seven -level automatic system is part of the standard for the stronger engines and for the other engines for the option equipment.
After the trouble about the SBC brake at the direct predecessor W 211 and the susceptibility of the W 210, Mercedes gave the curve at W 212. At TuV, at least, the current E-Class is shiny in all categories in the first round of tests. Although the balance sheet could deteriorate if the high mileage and the often little maintenance handling of company cars cause late damage – but the basic quality is correct. However, there are problems anyway: Initially, the injectors of the larger four-cylinder diesel (from 220 CDI upwards, engine detection OM651) often broke and had to be exchanged. Mercedes was accommodating at the time, so that many vehicles have now been improved – the best way to show the repair documents by the previous owner. The electronics of the navigation device and audio system are also considered susceptible. Caution is also required for retrofitted trailer couplings. There you should have the professional assembly including installation of a more powerful fan for engine cooling. Otherwise threaten motor damage when pulling heavy trailers.

ConclusionWhile the E-Class is an extremely expensive pleasure as a new car, it is already used for the price of a well-equipped new VW Golf. The buyer does not have to make too many compromises as long as he doesn’t mind about design. The prices start at around 20,000 euros.

Better price-performance ratio for used

You can find out what you should consider in the case of annual cars, daily registration and the purchase of a used car in our used car guide – as a handy PDF.

Way with the four eyes: the current E-Class after the facelift

Used car check Mercedes E-Class: This E-Class is available at a bargain price-used

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