Used car prices explode: Which cars the Germans are now buying

Wait diesel bargains, hybrid desires

Price shock at used cars: Which cars the Germans are now buying

Used car prices explode: Which cars the Germans are now buying-explode
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Coveted hybrid cars, the last chance of a diesel car, general price inflation in many car types: the used car market is running hot than ever. How expensive is it for buyers and which cars are going away like warm cakes now?

If you are currently interested in a used car, you often don’t believe to trust your eyes. The prices are more stately than ever. The reason is once again the ongoing corona pandemic, because the demand is high and the supply is manageable. Vehicles with alternative drives are also particularly popular.Regardless of whether you are interested in a two -year -old VW Golf VII or a Porsche 911 from 2010 – the prices on the used car market are not only stable; You are more streak than ever.

The used car prices rise so much

If the price development for used cars looked quite similar in recent years, a lot is different this year:

  • In general, prices rise in winter and in the summer months they go back slightly.
  • However, in the Corona year 2021, a lot is different, according to evaluations of the Europe -wide market portal Autoscout 24: once again, the prices climbed rapidly in the monthly comparison – in July they reached around 23 on average.000 euros even a new high.
  • So that costs currently used around 3000 euros more than in July 2020 and are therefore more expensive than ever before.
  • Autoscout24 experts see the reason for the anti-cyclical increase in the catch-up of consumers as a result of the Corona Lockdown, in bottlenecks in new car production and in a grown status of the car, which was also promoted by the pandemic.

Used car prices explode: Which cars the Germans are now buying-which
Cattle man A used car is waiting for buyers in the farm of a dealer

"It is a sum of smaller and larger effects from the past Lockdowns, which is currently increasing the used car prices," says Stefan Schneck, head of sales at Autoscout24.

Why the prices rise so

For example, the lack of semiconductors play an important role, which in some places paralyzed the production of new cars. “In addition, there is a need to catch up on the side of the consumer, which is due to the second lockdown in the spring of this year and is now breaking onto the market. This increased demand for used used prices once again raised the prices in July, ”says Stefan Schneck. The leasing business influenced by Corona also recently raised the prices for used ones. Because due to production difficulties during the first lockdown, leasing returns and rental cars are missing.

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Used car prices explode: Which cars the Germans are now buying-used

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"Since there were not enough new cars for the returns, leasing contracts were often extended instead of exchanging the vehicles with new cars as usual," said Schneck, "The leasing returns are not available as usual as usual as used as used as usual.“In addition, the individual mobility has gained significantly importance through the corona pandemic. Many rose from public transport, train and airplanes to their own car again.

Corona strengthens the trend towards your own car

The Autoscout used car price index makes the changes described clear: unlike in previous years, the price curve knows only one direction across segment: upwards. Compared to the previous month, the index makes a jump by around 300 euros: of 22.695 euros in June now 22.941 euros. Overall, prices rise in almost all segments, the exception to this development is sports cars and classic cars. With the price increase, the short -standing offer, which decreases in the double -digit percentage range in the monthly comparison.
In almost all vehicle and old-age segments, the price index for July records price growth of around 1 percent compared to the previous month. Used in the upper and middle class with a price increase of around 1.6 percent within the vehicle segments are strongest within the vehicle segments. The great demand for fine youngstimers and expensive fun makers is particularly striking. Many currently treat themselves to such a car, which is why the service life among the special retailers is often significantly reduced. Extra of this development are vans or. Middle buses, whose prices give in minimally, as well as classic cars with a price drop from around 4 percent to 28.904 euros. The cross -segment of the offer is also striking. The offer at vans or. Minutes and annual cars – it drops by over 20 percent compared to the previous month. But even in all other segments, the decline in the offer with values between 12 and 19 percent in the clearly double -digit range moves.

Hybrids particularly expensive

The already higher prices for hybrid and electric vehicles rose again in July. Compared to the previous month, the Stromer are more expensive to now 35 to 35.440 euros or. 35.106 euros. Consumers can get away cheaper if they choose a diesel: 25.091 euros are currently due on average. But be careful: Many car manufacturers no longer build new diesel. If you want to have a good used diesel, you shouldn’t wait too long.Petrol engines have also increased in terms of price and now cost an average of 20.456 euros. Used cars with LPG and CNG drive are still 11 with an average of 11.940 euros and 15.680 euros the cheapest.

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Used car prices explode: Which cars the Germans are now buying-cars

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