Used car prices rise at record high

2000 euros more per car

Inflation in used cars: a type of drive is particularly popular

Used car prices rise at record high-used
Cattle man You can also buy guarantees for used cars – this is only worth it to a limited extent

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Used cars were often more expensive than new cars in the GDR – because they were immediately available. It is not that far today, but the increase in prices due to new car suppliers is high than ever. Vehicles with LPG drive are particularly expensive.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information from the former GDR had to be waiting for a new Trabi or Wartburg for years. If you wanted to have a car faster, you could switch to a special used car market. Then there was definitely the coveted Wartburg, Lada or Skoda; But just at juicy prices that often exceed that of a new car. The high demand with a short supply in the socialist deficiency economy made it possible.

Of the "Perfect storm" On the car market

You feel a little bit remembered today. Because a kind of perfect storm is whirling up the car market:

  • The chip deficiency leads to massive production failures in almost all manufacturers. Many model are currently not available or only with enormous delivery times. So the offer is much more scarce than usual.
  • The many corona lockdowns have sometimes reduced the number of car trips, but the fear of infection in the bus and train has made individual mobility much more attractive. In the case of electric vehicles, high purchase bonuses and tax benefits also wave. So there is a high demand for cars in general and especially for electric cars.
  • The used car market is usually regularly through leasing returns and fleet vehicles "filled". However, the new car shortage ensures that this replenishment stalls and cars have to be kept longer than usual. So the range of used cars is further scared.

Used car prices rise at record high-rise
Cattle man A used car is waiting for buyers in the farm of a dealer

Inflation rates before the explosion (advertisement)

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"Never so low"

"The cars are becoming more expensive because there is a shortage," said Burkhard Weller, managing partner of the Weller Group, who sold several tens of thousands of used every year in the summer. He estimated the climb to five to seven percent. "Our stocks have never been so low" and it has never been so quickly to sell the cars, says Weller.The new and used car market Autoscout24 now underpins this trend with its current statistics at the end of the year:

  • The price average reaches a new record. 22.According to Autoscout, a used car cost 841 euros on average in 2021 – an increase of 10 percent or 2027 euros compared to the previous year 2020.
  • "In the month comparison, the development becomes even clearer: In November 2021, car buyers will pay an average of 18 percent or 3726 euros more for a used one than in November 2020", So Autoscout24 further.
  • Car buyers would therefore spend more money on a used car than ever in the data collection of the company.
  • At the same time, the range of vehicles has dropped by 11 percent. The decline in vans and minibuses was particularly strong. And: In the case of petrol engines (minus 15 percent) and diesel (minus 11 percent), the offer drops, while the offer is growing in electrical and hybrid cars.
  • According to Autoscout: Middle -class cars and older used cars between 10 and 20 years.

Read out control devices, up on the stage: car doctors give tips for buying used cars

Used car prices rise at record high-tops flops 2018 year used

Site Read out control devices, up on the stage: car doctors give tips for buying used cars

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"With a view to the price dynamics in the used car market, 2021 is an absolute exceptional year," says Stefan Schneck, sales leader Germany at Autoscout24, "still in 2020 prices remained almost at the previous year, now they are increasing from a standing start by 10 percent – this was the case in this Form never before."

Price increase, especially for gas vehicles

If you look at the detailed data, all drive types were able to increase. The prices for electrical and hybrid vehicles with plugs climbed by nine percent (average price 33.243 euros), as well as those for petrol engine – but there were average prices with 20.405 euros per car much lower. Also able to grow with eight percent plus the diesel vehicles (average price: 25.035 euros).

Used car prices rise at record high-rise
Cattle man LPG is a niche – but it is always attractive when the gasoline prices rise sharply

Is striking, that the gas vehicles actually only existing in the niche could book the percentage largest price plus. This is particularly evident in LPG vehicles (LPG): their offer price increased by 20 percent according to the Autoscout data, with an average price of just over 12.000 euros. Possible explanation: Especially for less wealthy car buyers and older consumption-intensive petrol engines, cars with LPG conversion are an option to alleviate the current petrol price shock when refueling. However, there is hardly any LPG vehicles at the factory. VW and Opel, for example, have long left this division.

Noble power at a bargain price: BMW i3 for 100 euros in leasing

Used car prices rise at record high-used

Site Noble power at a bargain price: BMW i3 for 100 euros in leasing

Used car prices rise at record high-high

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Mid -range car with the largest price increase

Further details from the car survey: the mid-range cars (plus 14 percent in the annual comparison) were most expensive for the vehicle classes, followed by small cars, compact cars and the upper mid-range vehicles. The currently most popular category at new cars, the SUV, come against it as used ones "just" To an increase of eight percent. However, their price level is more than 30 on average.000 euros also significantly higher.The trend towards higher used car prices will stop for the time being, because the delivery problems due to corona chaos and chip crisis are by no means remedied. Rather, fresh corona eruptions in China, for example, fear new problems in the supply chains if entire ports are temporarily sealed and replenishment in components and raw materials is missing again.

Used car report: dwarfs and giants of defects

TuV, DEKRA and GTu check the defect rate of used cars every year with new statistics. Site evaluates all available reports for you. Here you will find the latest overviews from 2016.

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Of course, good maintenance and care is important in older cars. But how do you find a good workshop? The Autoscout24 portal examined the customer reviews of workshops in major German cities for site. You can find the results here .

Tesla lands on the previous place

Used car prices rise at record high-used

Bit projects Tesla lands on the previous place

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    I have sold one of my cars to Canada, a BMW 440ix Cabrio. That was … I have sold one of my cars to Canada, a BMW 440ix Cabrio. The car was gone within a single day and the interested parties still surpassed each other. In the end, the sales price was 35% higher than the dealer’s estimation price, where I bought the car (the sale used themselves). Not to mention the distance to this permanently advertised we-shop-dein car.

  2. Gas can be retrofitted
    I’ve been driving for almost 20 years now "on gas" And can recommend it to anyone who does not change your vehicle every two years because it advises you to do so. I hold it that way…From the money that I save when refueling, I put the huts into the maintenance of the vehicle, the rest remains in my pocket 🙂 Another, a new car does not bring added value for me, so it stays with my old one…

  3. You can calmly
    Write truth. It’s not just the gas -powered cars. There is not that much of them anyway. It is mainly the combustion engines where a run takes place. If it becomes similar to the EX GDR, then used people will become even more expensive. The purely electrically operated cars are not in demand, despite massive compulsion. At the latest when, despite massive energy increases and expensive people, people don’t do as many would like, you know what is going on. And the more compulsion, the more despite.

  4. Drive type is particularly popular
    How should it be different and of course they are e-mobile. If I go out with well-known, relatives and my own family, nobody, absolutely nobody intends to buy an e-mobile. Whether used or new too expensive, and too low range and especially in winter. Why mobility makes it difficult to volunteer, even if it is easy .When I was still working, I could easily drive 800 km with my diesel without any problems. As a pensioner, only smaller petrol engines and the current petrol engine runs 600 km even in winter with a full tank and more even if the heating is full of shooting. If the tank is empty, I need 5 minutes at the petrol station and I’m gone again. And with an e-mobile ? Ne, not in this life.

  5. When VW and Opel no longer offer alternatives
    I just go to Dacia. Then there is a range of up to 1 with a gas supplementary tank.300 kilometers! And then even cheaper than O.G. Brands…

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    In your place I read the ADAC repair statistics in advance. Because the cheap manufacturers are mostly at the top of that

  7. What an article
    The impression is given, no buyed e cars. If you look at the prices for 7 -year -old VW E UP or BMW I3, you can only say that the value stability is a cars like granite rocks. And what use is LPG when no more manufacturer offers these cars? The article is already badly confused.

  8. Well Mr. Kross
    I know what you mine. But with the BMW i3 you took the wrong car as an example. Overall, it is still one of the best e-cars that exist. Such a Fiat 500 E or a Renault Zoe, this is a joke for the many coal. And of course every Tesla, because price and quality absolutely do not fit together. In contrast, the BMW i3 is much better. Because it is not just range.


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