Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel

E-cars are not in demand

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel-used
Cattle man You can also buy guarantees for used cars – this is only worth it to a limited extent

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Routed world in the car market: While only electrical models are added to new cars and expand their market share intensively, other models are popular with used other models. One reason is likely to be the new CO2 tax-and the subsidy policy for e-cars.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information updates are particularly in demand. And the value 98.4 does not indicate incidence, but marks the service life of the used cars, which the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) determined in May for used cars. This means that the vehicles with previous owners find a buyer 4.5 times faster than was the case the case the case before. Cars of the upper middle class are particularly waiting for a buyer with an average of 87.6 days. Almost a week longer there are mid-range vehicles on the dealer courtyard (94.6 days) and small cars (95.8 days).

Used car: No price drop in summer

The evaluations of the user behavior of confirm this information. In particular, mid -range cars (plus 14.7 percent compared to the overall market) and sports cars (plus 186 percent compared to the overall market) are often viewed than the average used car. Of course, the great demand also screws up the prices for many models.

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Mobile competitor Autoscout24 also reports new highs. "For the first time in general, the prices for used cars in Germany are not declining at the beginning of the summer. On the contrary: Since the beginning of the year, the Autoscout24 used car price index (AGPI) has been a constant increase in used car prices. On average, a used vehicle cost 22 in June this year.695 euros-the average price is 13 percent above the previous year’s value in June 2020 and even 12 percent above the 2019 pre-corona year", report the experts from Autoscout24.

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel-cars
Cattle man Diesel vehicles at a used car dealer

What are the reasons for the used car run?

One reason for this should be the fact that many people have more cash because of the Corona restrictions. “All data point in the same direction: the used car market is getting going better and better. The purchase interest of the German consumers continues to attract, ”says Martin Frader, Head of Sales at

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel-used
Center of Automotive Management More and more electric cars in Germany

It is interesting which drive types are particularly in demand. Mobile’s data experts.For site, the clicks Pro advertisement filtered out as a measurement size. Result: The diesel models that stand out with 532 clicks (plus 19 percent compared to the overall market of all used cars) are particularly sought. There should be two reasons for this development:

  • All manufacturers thin out their diesel offer, for some importers (Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volvo) or soon no more diesel models. If you want to have a dieser as a frequent driver, you can only find the largest selection on the used car market.
  • The new CO2 tax-according to the eco tax on fuels and the CO2-based vehicle tax, the third taxation, which the state as a source of income on the official justification "Climate protection" established – Has the gasoline and diesel prices explode suddenly. However, since diesel is still cheaper than gasoline and the engines is also more economical, the diesel is becoming more attractive for frequent drivers.

It looks very different with the pure streamers and hybrids: the interest of the buyers is rather manageable, because these vehicles are only clicked below average.

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New car: only electrical – thanks to massive subsidies

The trend in new electric cars is precisely opposite. Here the classic drive types, although still leading in absolute numbers, record a strong minus. Almost only electrical and hybrid cars can grow. Of course also because there are only massive subsidies for these cars-in the form of purchase premiums, sponsored charging stations, legal tax avoidance due to the absence of vehicle tax and company car privilege.

New clean diesel in the practical: Finally, the consumption information is correct?

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel-everyone

Site New clean diesel in the practical: Finally, the consumption information is correct?

Car market expert Professor Stefan Bratzel from the Center of Automotive Management lists the current figures: "In June 2021, 64.734 electric vehicles (BEV/PHEV) re -approved in Germany, which corresponds to a market share of 23.6 percent in the entire new registrations. The pure electric vehicles (BEV) come to 33.420 new registrations and exceed 12.2 percent of the new registrations with 11.4 percent significantly. Only in the exceptional month of December 2020 were more BEV in Germany ever discontinued. In the first half of 2021, the new electrical approvals increase to more than 312.000 vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of 230 percent compared to the same period last year", so Bratzel.

Briefly explained: electric cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrid

A Hybrid drive (short HEV, This stands for Hybrid Electric Vehicle) consists of an electrical and a gasoline or diesel engine. The hybrid battery is only charged during the trip via a generator, either by the gasoline engine or by braking energy recovery. Purely electrically, a HEV can only drive short distances. The car has consumption advantages, especially in city traffic. The classic example of a HEV is the Toyota Prius.

At the Plug-in hybrid ((Phev) the car has another plug on board: In addition to charging while driving, the battery is "loaded" on the socket or a charging station. Routes up to around 50 kilometers can be completely mobile before the internal combustion engine has to help again. Newer hybrids create up to 100 km of e-range. The hybrid battery of a PHEV has a lot more capacity than with normal hybrids and usually uses lithium-ion technology. That is why these cars are much more expensive. Advantage: Due to the full combustion engine, the overall range of the hybrid corresponds to that of a normal diesel or gasoline vehicle. The PHEVs include VW Passat GTE, Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid, Audi A3 E-Tron, BMW I3 (with Range Extender) or Porsche Panamera S E-HYBRID.

A pure Electric car ((Bev, stands for Battery Electric Vehicle) has only one battery as an energy source. Examples are: Tesla Model 3 and Model S, Renault Zoe, BMW i3 (without Range Extender) or Nissan Leaf.

Why diesel is suddenly popular

In the case of used models, on the other hand, the enthusiasm for buying for alternatively powered cars. The reluctance of the buyers is understandable. After all, the development is progressing quickly in the electromobile. If you buy a new electric car now, you will never get the latest state of the art. And: The massively subsidized leasing offers for new Stromer are pressing the need for used models, at least at the moment.

New Skoda in the test: The end of the philistine is there

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel-everyone

Site New Skoda in the test: The end of the philistine is there

In addition, batteries also age and the risk of putting cars with used batteries, which are also not state of the art, are afraid of many. The selection of used and new streamers is more large than ever. Since May 2020, the offer of used electric cars has been on increased by 87.9 percent, new cars even have an advertisement of 182.4 percent compared to the previous year.

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel-used

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If you look at the age structure of the offers, it is striking that the used electric vehicles (including the PHEV variants) are on average 20 months when selling. That corresponds to a minus of 15.3 percent for the previous year. Of course, this trend is also reflected in the mileage of e-mobile, which fell by 19.5 percent and in absolute numbers around 13.500 kilometers are lower than before.

The million electric cars are in sight

Meanwhile, car market expert Stefan Bratzel sees the million electric cars, which was once considered by politics, soon in sight-although you have to be a little careful with the numbers: "Although Germany over 1 million. Electrical cars report new registrations, the actual car stock of electric vehicles is in 1. Half of 2021 at only around 900.000 vehicles. The difference is due to the export or. in decommissioning or. Cranastings of electric vehicles. Around 458 are currently driving on Germany’s streets.000 pure electric vehicles and 443.000 plug-in hybrid. In the year we expect a total of 1.2 million. BEVS and PHEVS", SP Bratzel.

Volvo presents fully electric trucks

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel-cars

Bit projects Volvo presents fully electric trucks

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Almost 50 degrees: Spain floods Spain – heat record for Europe could fall

Used cars: Suddenly everyone wants to have diesel-cars

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    Site doesn’t know what it wants either. Recently, everything wanted to buy Eautos. It’s like … At Lauterbach. You only unsettle the people who do not want child labor.

  2. Also used diesel…
    still have a long life expectancy, you could easily bridge the time until cheap, high-wide electric cars are offered with non-combustible indestructible batteries, but they also do not last forever.

  3. Company car advantage for E?
    Let’s put it this way: I buy an old Rover P6 (with V8) or even a 69 Mustang with V8 Big Block. With H-mark. Of course as a company car, which I then dismissed with 1% of the new price. In the case of Rover V8, the 10000dm (= 5000 €). 1% of them would be € 50 money from the tax office. There is also no electrical medical elevator with more than one seat. In short… I will drive my diesel until they have become unettable. Then I continue to see.

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    What an insanity to produce these e cars at the expense of the taxpayer, although it is not only supported by the auto industry, since the production is far too expensive, but also the charging pillars have to be financed, such as the surcharges when buying a car. If you have already forgotten where the raw materials have to come from and what happens later with the old batteries? If you think of saying goodbye to the combustion engine, the cars will continue to run and produce all over the world and destroy jobs with us as well as the economy.Motors are continued for the ongoing vehicles hats one thought of it?How can you think so short-sighted-it is enough for the mistake of the nuclear phase-out, which many reject to reduce CO2 instead of burdening citizens

  7. taxpayer
    First of all, the manufacturers produce the cars without subsidies. You get the subsidies for purchase as a private/creature person. Tesla has the largest fast charging system in the world – financed privately ..!?! Old batteries? At least they can be recycled compared to D or B.. fa. Duesenfeld in Dusseldorf – up to 91% recycling quote! German innovation!

  8. Well, because of the burners is dead
    But it doesn’t look that way. Would you the subsidies (thousands of euros bonus and 0.5% or. 0.25% taxation) for e-cars, the sales figures would crash, you don’t have to be a prophet for that. Let’s see where the E-Auto market moves. Clearly the technology is getting better, but the infrastructure is already lagging behind. Which leads to it that it still takes umpteen years until e could really replace V on a broad front. Then the imponderables of the EU politics. You really don’t want to be in the skin of decision -makers that should lead a car company into the future. There is really something really dependent on it. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as e fanboys think.

  9. Subsidies
    Those who have a concept for the quick expansion of the charging system is Tesla – only there nobody wanted to participate – prefer to build something up for themselves. You can see that in the monopoly position and in the utopian pricing of the municipal utilities in 3.Offerer. Everyone wants something from the cake. True I forgot the scrappage bonus as a subsidy for the ICEV.

  10. I wonder where the e-disciples come from here
    have limitless wisdom, they are neither scientists, nor engineers or mathematicians, otherwise they could at least calculate. The hardship case here was a redefinition of the efficiency. This is clearly defined in physics / electrical engineering. Based on their well-known state of knowledge, the e-disciples believe in the field, polish or by "network" (whatever it means) to be able to defininate. This is just stupid. The energy conservation set and the Newtonian axioms seem to be completely strange to them. Googled in the echo chamber and merged here. This is not known, it has nothing to do with education either, it is noticeable copying, or. Not even that, copy paste works.Anyone who brings out the most buttock is always right

  11. Limitless wisdom
    Oh Mr. Lange … the only stupid thing – write with your limited wisdom. I don’t need to roll dusty books to understand. I see it every day how much efficient and environmentally friendly my BEV is compared to our "clean diesel" 2.Dare is. And no The power grid will not collapse – not even with 20mio more Bev over the next 10 years ..

  12. Rich toy
    Most people in Germany live to rent and even if they had a way to load the car in front of their house, it would be the normal completely overpriced electricity from the can, where nobody knows how dirty the power production is exactly. And thanks to German politics, electricity is becoming increasingly expensive. The tax -financed E vehicles mostly only do for people who own their own house with a PV system or nicely subsidized as a company car. The rest of the population can finance the whole thing as taxpayers, but does not have much of it. It remains a clientele policy for people who are doing quite well anyway. Either this is financed by itself or not at all. No more tax money for rich toys.

  13. "Suddenly" charging …
    Whether rent apartment, whether condominium in path, there is now reserves for around 3.000 € investment necessary so that you can electrify. Until you have one of the scarce craftsmen, the used diesel is also ripe for a successor, probably as an electric car. So the state must now put the leasing of the highly funded BEV up to 4 years.

  14. The equation "Ecar = ecological" it does not open
    To do this, you would also have to drive 15000km ++. But you don’t do it because the lack of range does not achieve the mileage at all. And they don’t get old accordingly either because they die thanks to the battery age. The lush subsidies only distort the image: they set the ecological false incentive that old car is taken out prematurely. And then there are still esoteric CO2 pollutant standards of the EU, in which even the new ECAR SUV-Bolide from BMW with 2.5t weight and 523PS is said to be 0g/km CO2-an entire society is once completely ecologically lying into its pocket.

  15. Not quite, Mr. Schafer
    You are right with what you write, except for the last sentence. It is not the whole society, but the politics, including some blinds, who want to impose its ecoterrorism on an entire society. So a shoe becomes out of it.

  16. Whom wonders ?
    The market is limited. If I can’t load at home, I don’t need a battery speedster. Now the used ones are pressing into the market, especially nobody wants. The situation does not get better with the new models overall. Wait to wait, what will look like in 2-3 years. The disposable product battery car then really picks up speed….. The manufacturers who align themselves without alternative will also feel that…..


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