Vacation mobile: The VW Multivan is a living room on wheels


The VW Multivan is a living room on wheels

Vacation mobile: The VW Multivan is a living room on wheels-mobile

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The VW Multivan is particularly popular with large families.

Source: Volkswagen

Vacation mobile: The VW Multivan is a living room on wheels-room

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The seven-seater offers plenty of comfort and lives up to its name thanks to its high level of functionality.

Source: VW

Vacation mobile: The VW Multivan is a living room on wheels-mobile

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Because in the VW Multivan you can not only drive, but also live comfortably.

Source: VW

Vacation mobile: The VW Multivan is a living room on wheels-wheels

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He received the last facelift in 2009. The equipment is already quite good in the basic version for 29,950 euros.

Source: Volkswagen

The comfortable seven-seater costs as much as a Mercedes – but doesn’t drive as well.

W.e could have gone to Alaska with it. The only thing the VW Multivan didn’t have on board in the Highline equipment was all-wheel drive. Even so, the seven-seater with six-speed gearbox came to a base price of 49,849 euros. With 4×4 drive, which is only available with a 7-speed direct shift gearbox, it would have been as much as 58,536 euros. It is hard to imagine that such a noble transporter comes from the blessed Bulli that drove the ’68 generation through the world in droves.

But the 68ers have also come to an age where a closing aid for the tailgate (Highline series, otherwise 148.75 euros) is just as popular as the step lighting for the driver’s cab and sliding doors. Once you have taken a seat on the standard Alcantara armchairs, the side bolsters of which are made of fine leather, the comfortable journey can begin.

Nothing and nobody has to freeze: In contrast to the other equipment, the Highline washer fluid indicator plus heated windscreen washer nozzles at the front. This is only a small detail, which costs 45.22 euros as an optional extra. Given the current night temperatures and the dirt on the streets, this little thing would not have been missing. The auxiliary heating with radio remote control (2053 euros), on the other hand, proved to be unnecessary for non-campers thanks to the standard seat heating and the best 3-zone air conditioning.

On the other hand, the engine with the 140 PS TDI, which is often used as a lively unit in the Golf and is specified there as 4.8 liters according to the EU standard, was somewhat disappointing. It reaches its maximum of 140 hp at 4200 revolutions, its maximum torque of 320 Newton meters is between 1750 and 2500 revolutions.

The 2-liter unit has been slightly modified for the Multivan: its 140 hp are now called up at 3500 rpm, while the 20 Newton meters more (340 Nm) are in exactly the same range.

For everyday use this means: The Multivan proves to be significantly tougher when turning and is anything but lively, even if the test consumption was 9.1 liters (EU standard 7.7 l, urban 9.8 l, extra urban 6.5 l) is okay for the approximately 2.3 ton vehicle. In any case, the strong body movements prevented the joy of cornering, while the minibus proved to be a commodity when traveling on the autobahn up to top speed (173 km / h according to the manufacturer). Today’s 68ers should also appreciate that.

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