Vanderhall Brawley – E-Offroader with unusual qualities

Vanderhall Brawley - E-Offroader with unusual qualities-unusual

Electromobility and Camping – this has so far only fit together. Only a few e-cars can pull camping trailers and there are few fully electric motorhomes. With the ID.Buzz brings VW this year the very first fully electric VW camping bus on the market. If you are looking for camping and canvas, you will be well served with the Vanderhall Brawley. The only 3.75 meter long two-door from the US can be equipped with a roof tent and is such a good companion for individualists and outdoor friends.

So far, small series manufacturer Vanderhall had made a name for himself by his triples such as Venice and Carmel. The Brawley is the first fully electric powered four-wheeled off-road vehicle with unmistakable similarity to Jeep models. The two-door looks a bit as if you have cut slightly and back slightly. The outer edges are formed by the tires, which protrude both the front and at the back clearly over the body. Four people have space on heated single seats, but in the fund you have to fold something. For the drive, four individually controlled electric motors provide 295 kW (404 hp). The maximum torque of 690 Nm is impressive. The Brawley is either equipped with a 40 or 60 kWh battery pack, which should allow ranges up to 320 kilometers. With an optional fast load system, the battery is charged to 80 percent in just under an hour.

For the off-road insert, the cab can be completely sealed against dust and sand. The cockpit is stressed puristic, instead of the usual large display now shows two large and a small clock behind the steering wheel all essential values. The roof can be removed with few handles or equipped with a roof tent – this will be the Brawley to the off-road camper, where no bus or mobile home is more. Windshield wipers (!), Heating, air conditioning or sound system is only available at extra cost, airbags are looking for in vain in the cockpit. Questionable whether the Brawley with the exposed stollen tires and the missing airbags in Germany ever receives road legal.

Offroad qualities shows the Brawley mainly through its 56 centimeter long spring trail and four different off-road modes: Ecrab, Esteer, Etank and Ecrawl. With Ecrab, the all-wheeller can move slightly laterally like a crab, Ecrawl lets him climb him in the hard terrain. As with a tank, the vehicle moves in the ETANK mode almost at the stand in a circle, because the wheels turn left and right opposite directions. In the US, the Brawley can already be ordered, the prices start at 34.950 US dollars.

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