Vans: Ford Galaxy and S-Max are daddy’s favorites


Ford Galaxy and S-Max are daddy‘s favorites

Vans: Ford Galaxy and S-Max are daddy's favorites-daddy

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The refreshed design of the S-Max can be recognized by a little more chrome and the shine of LED lamps in the daytime running lights.

Source: Ford

Vans: Ford Galaxy and S-Max are daddy's favorites-favorites

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LEDs are now also available for the rear lights. More important, however, is the inner workings of the new Vans Smax and Galaxy, which are now equipped with new EcoBoost engines.

Source: Ford

Vans: Ford Galaxy and S-Max are daddy's favorites-daddy

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Direct injection, turbocharger and two continuously variable controlled camshafts ensure more efficiency with more horsepower.

Source: Ford

Vans: Ford Galaxy and S-Max are daddy's favorites-galaxy

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The large space cruiser Galaxy also benefits from the new motors. With the two-liter engine (203 hp) it can reach 100 km / h in 8.8 seconds and at least 217 km / h.

Source: Ford

Vans: Ford Galaxy and S-Max are daddy's favorites-ford

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The interiors of the giant rooms were also refurbished with muted colors and high-quality materials.

Source: Ford

Ford has redesigned its large family models. The two Vans S-Max and Galaxy are entering the second half of their lives with new, more economical engines, a dual clutch transmission and expanded safety and comfort options. Another Ford model will soon benefit from the innovations.

D.the crash was probably unavoidable. For a long time, space cruisers on wheels were the dream of every family man, but then there were alternatives: SUVs in all sizes, smaller vans that were also sufficient. Cars like Renault Espace, Chrysler Voyager or Peugeot 807 have almost disappeared from the statistics, and the VW Sharan is now so old that new cars belong in the factory museum. Only Ford has successfully bucked the trend and cleverly pushed its unequal twins S-Max and Galaxy into pole position.

Before the competition wakes up again and innovations such as the Mazda5 or the next Sharan are launched, Ford is bringing the vans into shape: With daytime running lights and LED taillights, new extras and, above all, more economical engines, the two are going into the second half.

The petrol engines benefit most from the facelift. A motor from the new EcoBoost family is making its way under the hood of the S-Max and Galaxy. With direct injection and a turbocharger, the displacement has shrunk to two liters, the four-cylinder follows the trend towards downsizing and offers significantly more power with noticeably lower consumption. Compared to the previous 2.3-liter, the EcoBoost engine makes a performance leap of 25 percent and now has 203 hp and a maximum of 300 Newton meters (Nm) of power.

Combined with a new dual clutch transmission with six gear steps, the engine accelerates the S-Max to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds. The end is only at 221 km / h. At the same time, the thirst for gasoline is reduced by 20 percent: According to EU standards, the S-Max only consumes 8.1 liters per 100 kilometers. The previous engine, which was significantly weaker with 160 hp and 205 Nm, was 9.7 l / 100 km.

The two-liter diesel engine is now also more economical and cleaner. Converted to the EU5 standard and combined with a six-speed gearbox, it is now available in three power levels with 115, 140 and 163 hp. In the best case, consumption is 5.7 liters. Because the engine is also better insulated and Ford has installed thicker windows, things are much quieter on board. Even those who give full throttle with the 163 PS diesel, pulls the Galaxy to 100 km / h in 9.8 seconds and then wants to explore the top speed of 203 km / h, can still talk in peace.

Ford is taking over from the sister company Mazda "Blind Spot Information System “which electronically monitors the blind spot when overtaking. The image from a reversing camera is now running on the navigation monitor, and those who want to protect themselves from traffic tickets can now tell a speed limiter: to this point and no further.

Because the vans roll off the production line together with the Mondeo and the mid-range model could use a few fresh cells, many of the improvements and especially the new engines will also be available for the sedan and station wagon of the Mondeo after the summer holidays at the latest.

Even if S-Max (from 28,500 euros) and Galaxy (from 30,000 euros) are subscribed to success because of the faltering competition, those responsible at Ford do not want to rest on these laurels. In the slipstream of the two space cruisers, the next vans are already warming up. After the summer vacation comes the new C-Max, which will also be available in a version with a third row of seats.

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