Varta: First order for 21700 cell with 6 minute quick chargency

Varta: First order for 21700 cell with 6 minute quick chargency-varta

In the future, the Swabian battery manufacturer Varta also produces battery cells for electric cars. For the new high performance round cell V4Drive in the format 21700, there is now a first customer from the automotive sector. In addition, the technology company from Ellwangen announced to develop other, larger lithium-ion round cells in the future. This revealed VARTA as part of the presentation of the business numbers of the first quarter.

In order to clarify the focus on the lithium-ion batteries, the “Microbatteries & Solutions” division is renamed in “Lithium-ion Solutions & Microbatteries”. Herbert Schein, Chief Executive Officer of VARTA AG underlines the development for the company as follows: “The characteristics of our new lithium-ion round cells meet very large customer interest. This will allow us to open up new and larger business areas. Meanwhile, we have also been able to win a first customer in the automotive sector for our V4Drive for us. Varta remains successful with its innovation strategy.”

The 21700 battery cell should first be used primarily in powerful electric cars. However, the crucial difference is to other battery cells on the market that the battery cell in the format 21700 (2.1 cm diameter, 7 cm long) is not used as the sole traction battery. Rather, Varta is based on these as boosters in premium and sports vehicles or as a memory for recuperation energy in hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, one see the possibility to extend the range with the V4Drive cell with e-trucks (battery or hydrogen companies).

In the context of the presentation in mid-April 2021, VARTA announced that the V4Drive cell is the “Power version”. This should come on the loading period of only six minutes. This suggests that there is also a more favorable standard version – data for this was sometimes not mentioned. Herbert Schein, Chief Executive Officer of the German Battery Group Varta, finally declared in October 2019, in an interview with the Augsburg general, why battery technology is booming, whether Varta wants to get into business with battery cells for electric cars, and why batteries are necessarily produced in Germany should. Already at that time was felt that you want to push your own business in the direction of e-mobility. What you probably follow it again.

The report on the presentation of the first quarter’s business figures shows that new customer projects and orders in the CoinPower area accelerate the positive business development in the second half of the year. “In addition, the development of new lithium-ion round cells will open up more business areas. The structure of the pilot line for the new lithium-ion round cells in the format 21700 at the site of Ellwangen runs according to plan. The start of pilot production takes place at the end of the year, “concludes the company.

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5 thoughts on “Varta: First order for 21700 cell with 6 minute quick chargency”

  1. Congratulations to Varta – Nice that another German company has recognized the signs of time, and “on the right side of change” stands.
    I’m curious if Tesla customer becomes / is ?

  2. The battery market will probably share, on the one hand in expensive batteries for the premium segment and on the other hand in favorable bates for the wide mass of e-cars.

    Interesting are the cheap battery cells and if so Smaller batteries in e-city cars to be installed, then the Prices faster on combustion level sink.

    For e-trucks are especially Lighter batteries asked, Because of the payload, here then rather expensive batteries could be used – the price advantage over hydrogen would still be present.

  3. so what! Go then! Do not whining but ahead with fresh ideas. Then it works with the workplaces. Where this battery is used is primarily uninteresting. The main thing is progressing.

  4. From Varta is not much left. The Group would divert, sold and restructured several times. A renovation case from the 90’s, as some other German tech corporations too. Whether the EU will change millions of it is questionable. Has not worked for PV. What I notice when reading the Wikipedia article, the sustainability in the minds is apparently not yet arrived. In Ellwangen you can see plenty of halls with flat roofs. Only one has a PV. And the, PR convenient, before a round conference center. Oh well. The pressure on corporations increases. See the shell verdict and also the verdict in Karlsruhe. AG all have the same problem. They are maximized profit and profits are transferred to Shareholder. There is not much left for real sustainability and only under compulsion happens. This is about Varta so and many German companies change too. And the big business make others who understand and make the future better. The Chinese have bought the Varta production facilities for the nickel iron (Edison) batteries. Used earlier in ships and u boot. And they become more and more important as stationary swarm memory and experience a renessance. Reason: The Edison battery is made of simple, mass-available, non-toxic raw materials. Extremely long (high cycle resistance) and robust (deep discharge festival). It does not require a complicated battery management and is a low-maintenance. So in the sum advantageous for all involved. It is produced only in China and Russia. Therefore, VARTA already has a big leap at the Lipo or. BEV Battery Development to participate from this business. It will be exciting.


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