Vasla collects 9 million. Euro for the start of new moped rental deck

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Vasla collects 9 million. Euro for the start of new moped rental deck-start

Vasla, the Swedish leader for micromobility and e-bike manufacturers, has collected nine million euros in a new funding round. This sum came to support multiple investment companies, wealthy individuals and family businesses. After Vasla has recently grown significantly within the Swedish micromobility sector, the company takes the fresh capital for the launch of its Vassla club rental deck for individual users, delivery services and companies.

Vasla was able to convince a variety of top-class companies: financing was cited by the Swedish investment group Skabholmen Invest, which has already supported companies such as the Sailing Clothing Brand Henri-Lloyd and the leading company for digital displays, ZETA display,. The family-run investment group is headed by Anders Pettersson, which has more than 30 years of experience in the development of national and international companies through expansion and acquisitions. Skabholmen Invest will also join the Vasla board.

Sorcher Launch of the new rental platform Vasla Club

After the successful launch of his e-moped, the Vasla moped, the company plans to use the financing for the launch of its new rental platform Vasla Club: a tailor-made micromobility solution, which a seamless mobility experience for people, delivery services and companies should create. This will be offered via the Vasla Club Sharing app, which has fleet management features, and users access to Vasla bikes.

The new platform should be an optimal and cost-effective mobility solution. You can increase employee satisfaction and help companies and individuals help to contribute to a more sustainable life. Interested parties can already enter the waiting lists for Berlin and Vienna. The platform is intended to include three separate offers:

  • Vassla Club for People: A monthly subscription service for private customers
  • Vassla Club for Delivery: A weekly subscription service for delivery drivers
  • Vassla Club for Enterprises: Hourly rental service for hotels, resorts, campsites etc.

The financing is at a significant time for Vasla. Finally, with the recently presented Vassla Bike, the manufacturer has introduced a new solution for micromobility on the streets of Scandinavia. In addition, pilot projects are planned in several European big cities such as Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg and Madrid. The company also has to expand at a later date in the booming micromobility market in the UK. This project depends on the government legislation on E-scooters to be published in early 2022.

Vasla Bike creates a new category between scooters and e-bike

With the Vasla Bike, Vasla aims to claim and win the growing category between e-bike and e-moped for themselves. Vasla assumes that this category has the potential to grow on the same size as that of e-bikes. There is currently disagreement about the categorization of micromobility vehicles between many European countries and their respective governments. This means that e-mopeds and e-bikes are classified differently from country to country. Vasla is determined to find a solution for this problem.

While the micromobility sector is expanding rapidly worldwide – and is expected to be 17 percent year-on-year global growth by 2024 – Vasla would like to use a unique market gap. By combining Vasla an e-bike and an e-scooter to a stylish, eco-friendly, electric moped. The Vasla Bike, which creates 25 km / h in the top, is ideal for easy commuter traffic and short trips according to the manufacturer.

“Vaslas e-moped is ideal for medium-length stretch – but not so much for really short distances. With the Vassla Bike we fulfill our vision to offer the customers a micromobility vehicle, which is easier, more elegant and ideal for countless short distances that you leave every day. The investments that help us to expand the Vasla Club and to expand into other areas, come to a very exciting time and we are very pleased to see how to change the public’s attitude to micromobility in the coming years.”- Rickard BrOms, CEO and founder Vasla

“We firmly believe that in the future at the city planning the personal car will no longer play a role,” commented Wilhelm Pettersson, CEO of Skabholmen Invest. The micromobility will live the urban life “forever. Vasla is the luminous star in this sector, which is why we have decided to initiate this round of financing.”

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