Vattenfall and Cake develop first fossil free motorcycle in the world

Vattenfall and Cake develop first fossil free motorcycle in the world-vattenfall

The world’s first motorcycle that is completely manufactured and operated without the use of fossil fuels is scheduled in 2025 serial maturity. Developed and built by Vattenfall, a European energy company with around 19.500 employees, in cooperation with Cake, the Swedish manufacturer of the first electric motorcycle.

The two companies are both involved for the change towards a fossil-free future. Vattenfall has the goal of enabling life within a generation without the use of fossil fuels. Cake wants to make the change to emission-free mobility easier with its products that combine innovations with a sense of responsibility. Annika RamskOld, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Vattenfall, expresses itself as follows: “Cooperation is an excellent example of how we bundle our knowledge in the areas of fossilfree technologies and supply chains in a specific product and so to our goal of zero emissions be able to contribute.”

“Together with Vattenfall and the experience and know-how of the company, we can contribute to a clean mobility sector,” says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of Cake for the merger of the two companies for the joint project. Vattenfall itself is already a good role model in terms of e-mobility. The company announced in 2017 that its own fleet is completely electrified within the next five years. A total of 3.500 cars and light commercial vehicles must be replaced in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany by electrical alternatives.

In addition, you may remember the spring 2021 as 27 companies from different industries have asked the European Union in an open letter, no later than 2035 no new cars to allow for internal combustion engines. In addition to Volvo Cars, which had already announced from 2030 only electric cars to build, among other things IKEA, SKY, Uber and Vattenfall as signatories of the letter were included.

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  1. May be. But seriously: a 2.5 kWh battery in a motorcycle for 14k, where Niu 4.4 kWh built in city truss for 4k. That does not fit. A chance would have the part for 8k with 8kWh battery. But there would be no one then.

    Because motorcycling apparently makes most fun only if you can harass others with noise, stink and crazy pace.


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