Vattenfall wants to strengthen position in electric car loading infrastructure

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Vattenfall wants to strengthen position in electric car loading infrastructure-position

The Swedish energy company Vattenfall has established a new business unit with the aim of becoming a leading provider for electric cars in Northwesturopa within five years within five years. Vattenfalla is a turnover of one billion Swedish crowns for the years from 2023, converted 96 million euros.

“We are constantly developing us to meet the requirements of the new energy landscape and the needs of our customers. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and thus increase the need for simple charging solutions. With the new unit, we set ourselves the goal of building one of the largest charging systems Northwesturopas.”- Magnus Hall, CEO of Vattenfall

Vattenfall currently operates electric car charging infrastructure in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, overall, there are almost 9,000 charging points. The energy group wants to gradually expand its offer for private households, businesses and public services to new markets such as Great Britain, France and Norway. “From now on, we expect our shop network to double each year to cope with the rising demand,” added Tomas Bjornsson, head of the e-mobility of Vattenfall.

The new business unit already employs 60 people and should continue to grow rapidly. In order to further promote the use of electric cars, Vattenfall currently implements a program for electrifying its fleet of 3500 vehicles. These should be replaced by 2022 by electric cars or hybrid cars.

“The new energy landscape has expanded the value chain. Compared to the past, a large part of the energy is generated locally, stored, converted and controlled. Customers expect cost-efficient and reliable solutions tailored to their needs and are offered by a trusted and competent partner. That’s why we create this new business unit.”- Magnus Hall, CEO of Vattenfall.

Vattenfall also thinks of real estate owners

A building is not a passive customer of centrally generated electricity and heat more, as decentralized production, such as solar systems, has become more cost-effective and makes an important contribution to a future fossil-free life. At the same time, the need rises to charge electro cars on site. Real estate thus develop more and more demanding energy systems that need energy storage and optimization to meet fluctuating electricity production and demand in the respective building.

The new division of Vattenfall is also intended to help real estate owners such as housing cooperatives, real estate companies as well as project developers and developers to respond to this need by conceiving, installing and operating customized energy solutions for each customer. Vattenfall offers a single contact person that combines hardware and services to a complete energy solution. This package solutions will offer the Group under the name Vattenfall in-house.

“We will introduce our Vattenfall ENERGY SOLUTIONS in the activities of Inhouse, and shared solar power, e-mobility infrastructure, local heat and storage technologies, as well as digital measurement services, to reduce energy consumption individually or as fully integrated solutions. All individual offers depend that, which is optimal for the respective building or quarters and what the owner resp. the customer wishes.”- Tuomo Hatakka, Vattenfall Germany boss

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