VDA: 15-point plan for accelerated expansion of electromobility

VDA: 15-point plan for accelerated expansion of electromobility-expansion

Loading infrastructure throughout Europe, eco electricity in the shop, extend environmental bonus. The association of the automotive industry (VDA) has summarized the crucial points for the expansion of electromobility in a 15-point plan and provided with political demands. “The plan shows the way how the electromobility in Germany and Europe can be further expanded. The automotive industry brings the new vehicles and technologies to the market, now the municipalities, the federal government and Brussels must create the right framework conditions for success, “says VDA President Hildegard Muller. The following the 15 demands in detail.

  1. Record Investments: The automotive industry is committed to the Parisian climate protection goals and invests around 150 billion euros to 2025 in e-mobility, new drives and digitization. This corresponds approximately to the total investing in the same period for education, research including space travel. Unlike the state, companies have to generate investments again. Therefore, the creation of the right location and framework conditions is an important prerequisite for the success of the transformation and thus also necessary prerequisite for achieving climate protection goals.
  2. Accelerate charging column expansion: until 2030 Germany needs more than 1 million charging points for E cars and electric vehicles (electric light commercial vehicles). For this, more than 2000 new charging points must be built per week. On public areas, only about 300 are currently being built per week. It needs a nationwide high-speed program with concrete targets for the federal states and municipalities to raise the residue. The same should be necessary for the EU overall.
  3. Promote loading at work: The expansion of the charging points at the employer must be accelerated with a separate program to promote the construction of charging columns at companies. This requires a well-equipped support program of the Federal Government. The planned support program of the Federal Government should be realized quickly.
  4. Charge at the place of residence: E-cars must be loaded at the place of residence. Another expansion of the Wallboxen program and an additional funding program for the already legally prescribed installation of charging points in underground garages and parking garages, subsequently and for all new buildings.
  5. Loading when shopping: The expansion of the charging points in the trade must also be accelerated. This requires an even greater program for promoting and according to VDA also the waiver of the condition that charging points in the parking spaces in trading 24/7 must be usable.
  6. Ecostrom and Price Guarantee: The charging current must always be 100 percent green stream and permanently favorable. To do this, charging current z.B. except the EEG surcharge and the electricity taxes.
  7. EUROPE WARRANTY: Citizens want the E-car into the European countries for.B. Driving on vacation, goods and goods with the e-truck are just as of course European traveling. The Federal Government must also help at European level that the speed of the construction of the charging infrastructure structure is massively increased and all states of Europe have a reliable charging infrastructure, the VDA finds. The European Commission should not reject the responsibility for this task.
  8. Support buyers of E cars: The acquisition of CO2 poor vehicles (cars and light commercial vehicles) must continue to be supported. The environmental bonus should therefore be deposited from the Federal Government over the year 2022 with sufficient financial resources.
  9. Smart’s paying at the charging column: The VDA wants citizens to apply their contract at each charging column (contract-based shop). The association also relates the equipment planned by the Federal Government of all new charging columns with outdated and no longer necessary technologies such as card readers. This requires a change in the charging column ordinance still in this legislative period.
  10. Quick Loading Quote: To reduce the number of charging points necessary, the VDA recommends further increase the proportion of quick loading points. The spare area, is usually economical and increase the customer benefit. The power grid must be reconciled for this purpose in order to be able to provide the necessary performance.
  11. Truck traffic Fossil free: The changeover to e-trucks must be more promoted and the infrastructure is quickly built up with charging points along the main axis axes and the depot. For this purpose, there is an ambitious expansion plan of federal, state and local government and extended support programs of the Federal Government. But even with the legal framework conditions, the adaptation of the Electromobility Act is an important milestone: commercial vehicles from 3.5 tonnes must be included in the electromobility law, according to the VDA.
  12. Making electromobility sustainably: We need a new Second Life market for drive batteries that can be used after their use in vehicles to store energies, the VDA continues. Add new redemption and recycling structures to reduce the importer dependence of raw materials. For this, it requires an export stop of used drive batteries and a program for building the Second Life structure in Germany and Europe.
  13. Research, development and more qualification: Many companies in the automotive industry and especially with suppliers must change production and re-qualify the workforces. This is associated with significant consequences for the affected employees. Here, in addition to the great efforts of the companies concerned – support programs of the Federal Government for Development and Qualification.
  14. Make e-cars for power builders: The drive batteries of E-cars can serve as a memory for the power grid. For this purpose, the corresponding legal requirements and financial incentives for the electric car owners must quickly be defined for this purpose, the VDA. This allows E-car owners to behave networks and benefit from it.
  15. Annual report for e-mobility: The tasks for expanding the loading infrastructure and the funding programs are distributed to several federal ministries, the countries and municipalities and the European Union. From 2022, the federal government should present a report for the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany annually, the funding programs and the state of target achievement in all other fields of action. The same should do the EU Commission for all over Europe.

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