VDA about, Fit for 55 ‘: AMB. Objectives need correct conditions

VDA about, Fit for 55 ': AMB. Objectives need correct conditions-need

“The automotive industry supports the objective of the European Commission to make Europe at the first continent of the world at the latest at the latest 2050 climate-neutral,” explains VDA President Hildegard Muller to the plans of the EU Commission announced on Wednesday as part of the Fit for 55 ‘ Packet. The automotive industry is therefore extremely energetic and invests up to 2025 more than 150 billion euros in climate-neutral drives, electromobility and digitization of traffic. Germany is “European champion at E-cars today”, so in Germany’s most powerful car lobbyist.

The ‘Fit for 55’ package to comprehensively redesign the EU’s climate policy is also pursuing the right objectives. But it hit “the wrong way on important places”, finds Muller. It puts in the room that in the ambitious goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions of vehicles is unconsidered that important prerequisites for the successful transformation with the proposed instruments can not be created.

“With the fleet limit of 0 gram provided for 2035, the EU Commission proposes a prohibition of internal combustion engines – this also applies to hybrids and light commercial vehicles,” sets Muller. The VDA feels this as “innovative and the opposite of technology substances”. Muller says that “the thus required acceleration of the transformation is hardly to create above all for many suppliers”. Interesting at this point is that Muller hides concrete projects of some German automakers. Volkswagen, for example, the world’s largest automaker, wants to get off in Europe between 2033 and 2035 completely from the burning technology, with VW subsidiary Audi this should be the case for a few years earlier. And Opel has notified only a few days ago to occur from 2028 in Europe as a pure e-car brand.

Muller highlights “that the Commission suggests the instrument of binding regulation for the expansion of the charging infrastructure”. The ideas of the EU are “one step in the right direction” and ultimately the result of the efforts of the VDA. “However, the specifications must now be implemented quickly and in all Member States – nationwide,” requires Muller. In addition to construction obligations, therefore, “Europe-wide support programs and the elimination of regulatory barriers in many Member States are required”. And last but not least, it must be ensured that electric cars at 100 percent eco flow charged. “Only in this way can we win the confidence of consumers,” finds the VDA President. The tank infrastructure for hydrogen should also be significantly faster than proposed by the Commission, she says.

The proposal for a new, renewable energy directive (Red) does not find the VDA ambitious enough. Let be acknowledged that the quota for renewable fuels is significantly increased. “However, the proposal jumps too short. According to calculations of the VDA, 30 percent renewable fuels are required in stock for 2030, so that the vehicle inventory can also contribute sufficiently to achieve the climate goals, “explains Muller.

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5 thoughts on “VDA about, Fit for 55 ‘: AMB. Objectives need correct conditions”

  1. “With the fleet limit of 0 gram provided for 2035, the EU Commission proposes a prohibition of internal combustion engines – this also applies to hybrids and light commercial vehicles,” sets Muller. The VDA feels this as “innovative and the opposite of technology substances”. This is nonsense nobody prohibited the automakers combustion engines with zero emissions, unless it is technically not feasible, should that be the case, then the combustion technology must then be finished. Especially ambitious find the target from 2035 not even a bit lame

  2. The chief lobbyist continues to hold on to her old goals, which calls the auto industry of her. It does not matter if climate change continues to tighten and even greater victims. The whole mendacity of this economic system is visible.

  3. How many billions of damage caused by climate change does the VDA still need?

    Most vehicle manufacturers know it – The burner is “dead” – but the “combustion yield” is too tempting, so you and the VDA want to take this “fat returns” for a few more years.

    Unfortunately, there must probably be some bad weather disasters so that automakers are ashamed of their burners and throw them as fast as their program to be “environmental charges”.

    Also technical Will the burner lose its benefits.

    1) For the weight of a car internal combustion engine there is a 40 kWh battery, in a few years 80 kWh.

    2) Range 40 kWh battery * about 200 km (inner plants 300 km), with 80 kWh 400 (withinorts 600) km.

    3) Battery price about 100 Euro per kWh, with all the trimmings estimated about 140 euros, at 40 kWh about 5.600 euros, in a few years 2.800 euros.

    Car experts are still allowed Add the prices of 4-cylinder automotors (gasoline / diesel).

    Also prizes of H2 tanks and fuel cell systems for cars and vans are interested in me.

    * For consumption values of a VW e-up.

    Average consumption in the ADAC ECOTEST: 16.7 kWh / 100 km, load loss included. By the way, the engine will be satisfied with very low 11.4 kWh / 100 km.”

    (Source: ADAC.DE – June 2021)

  4. 14 years are not long enough? The suppliers did not have time to transform? “Who does not go with time, that goes with the time,” that’s as easy.

    The government could also provide the placing on the market of the burners for climate-neutral fuel. I would be curious how fast it would give more production capacities for E cars and scrapping bonuses for burners. As long as others have to invest in the insanity of E-Fuels, the Ms. Muller is right.


  5. Hello VDA It is 5 before 12 with the climate so not stupid daireden There is only a chance for climate change with the electric car. What is still useful to me today when I burn because of the climate itself.


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