VDA boss: EU must commit countries to the loading network expansion

VDA boss: EU must commit countries to the loading network expansion-loading

Hildegard Muller has once again raised a fast and massive expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany. “In a few years, so many E cars will be on the streets that we need at least one million charging points,” said the President of the Automotive Association VDA in an interview with the editorial network Germany. “Every week, 2000 should be new, but we only create 300.”Consumers’ confidence in a reliable charging infrastructure is the basis for further expansion of e-mobility.

One problem is, so Muller that the expansion currently not market-driven successes – certainly not with ever shorter deadlines, which puts the policy for switching to e-mobility. In the long run, however, the operation of charging columns will be economical. An important topic is also a sufficient network stability. The must be coordinated and controlled by the Federal Network Agency.

Great worries makes the VDA president of the relatively sluggish expansion within the EU. “In three countries – Germany, France, Netherlands – have been built so far almost 70 percent of all European charging columns. That should not stay that way.”And even in Germany, the gap between e-cars and charging points greater greater rather than smaller. That is why it is right to commit the EU members to expand.

Muller sees the EU Commission in the duty. If you could set which cars should be sold in which amounts in five years, then one could also determine which framework conditions must be created by the states. “The transformation can only succeed, if the states make their homework – in the charging infrastructure, but also in industrial policy measures.”

Another challenge is the energy supply. The electricity for E-cars must be green across Europe. This does not go beyond cooperations beyond the EU borders. The required solar systems and wind power plants needed more space than available in Germany. That’s why surfaces should be used in Africa and Latin America. According to the VDA President, this would also help the regions in their development. “In the future, we will have to operate an foreign policy, which also increases such raw material interests more strongly.”

The EU urgently needs to estimate the consequences of its policy, warned Muller. One should not only decide to goals, but must be practically implemented. “If Europe has the most dedicated climate goals in the world, we need the world’s best location conditions in Europe.”It is counterproductive if jobs in world regions migrate, where more CO₂ is generated, because the site conditions are better there.

That from 2035 only e-cars should be released in Europe, Muller holds for “very ambitious,” however, this can occur even earlier for Germany. “The CO₂ goals apply to the European average, and therefore it may be that we need to sell more in Germany for every e-car that is not sold in another country.”You must also take care of the vehicles that are already on the streets. E-Fuels buys much potential.

But it was not possible to commit the auto industry to sell E cars. “We develop the cars, we turn the works, but everyone else must also have to be taken. Loading options, green stream, support measures for consumers, re-qualification of employees – the transformation demands many from all.”That must be a topic too and especially in the election campaign. “We must not flog the conversion of the industry.”

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7 thoughts on “VDA boss: EU must commit countries to the loading network expansion”

  1. Why do “the countries” always have to roll out the carpet the carpen? Why do not you make that better to bring your products better to the man? Tesla has done it too … Clear you have to go in advance. Evtl a small incentive to ensure that it is also something ..

    The billion gains will be kept even ..

  2. There has “the-others-to-pay-it-pay” -hildegard once again with coarse Misinformation striking:

    “The electricity for E-cars must be green across Europe.[…] the required solar systems and wind power plants needed more space than available in Germany.”

    Long refuted, because for both plus the required storage farms More than enough (roof) area within D to country and to the lake available. Even if I do not find it: did not have Daniel W. Recently recent numbers are broken down?

  3. Clearly clear: An industry needed for investment the state, but otherwise rightly worked into our own pockets, has no existence.
    The better mobility system will enforce economically – rather sooner than later without subsidies and interference by the state – and in my view it is expected from the highly doped ladies and gentlemen of the OEM headquarters, a common standard for. To arrange energy supply.
    If you are not able to do so, then you do not need a Daimler, BMW, VW more and the innovative companies should be the market.

  4. As far as photovoltaics on the house roofs is concerned, so I find them right and important on the one hand. On the other hand, however, I regret the partly to be determined optical “shift” by this. Reminds me something to the southern countries (Italy, Greece, Turkey INSB.,..) With the countless climate boxes to the building facades “bold” and the facilities for solar-generated hot water with the barrels on the most (flat) roofs.
    But we all have to be “through”.

  5. “The necessary solar systems and wind power plants needed more space than available in Germany” Such a nonsense we have more than enough space for this to finally because all the Burocratic hurdles are degraded then that is done at the latest 10 years, in it Many scientists agree that this would be possible if polotically wanted
    You just have to run through the villages then you sail like many shared roofs are still empty that you can easily prove with solar systems could even my small solar system of only 6.75 kWp and not optimal orientation and inclination generates more power in the year when I join can consume my family and mother.
    Something else I can remember a Galileio broadcast in it was about electricity savings of the industry there has been proven that with a modernization of the old systems can easily be saved 25% of the electricity and this investment would pay off within a year by the electricity savings At the example of a brewery shown, it was even 7 months to amortization. So there is still enough potential for energy saving

  6. undertake other EU countries???. I was in Poland now and have not seen Polish e-car. Charging columns are available nationwide. Although only 50kW, but that’s enough for the beginning.

  7. It must first come with plug and batch and come out absolutely reliable and highly available charging points, as you only offer Tesla.

    I am not a lover of card or smartphone numbers about personnel-free machine tank stations. This is only talking about ticket machines, for example, the local traffic networks. In rain and / or darkness stand and click through the menu and enter PIN u. DG. – Marvelous &# 128577;


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