VDA boss: Mobility may not be a privilege for rich

VDA boss: Mobility may not be a privilege for rich-mobility

VDA President Hildegard Muller has warned before the consequences of rising fuel prices and a hesitant expansion in e-mobility. Opposite the picture newspaper, Germany’s top car lobbyist said manufacturers prove that growth, prosperity, jobs and climate protection do not contradict oneself. The corporations would invest massively in the reconstruction of their works and alternative drives. “I expect the others to do their homework.”

Muller lamented in the interview, the traffic debate was “extremely heated” in Germany. There are non-governmental organizations that use for themselves to speak for the overall society. In fact, they often argued from a very privileged perspective. “There’s something out of the balance – and before that, I can only warn,” Muller is quoted. “Climate protection must not column our society.”

Unfortunately, it often lacks the willingness to acknowledge the different living conditions of the people, according to the Association. City dwellers are likely to dictate people in the country as they have to live. Especially these would have a right to the journey in your own car – especially where there is no adequate offer in public transport. Mobility should not be a privilege for rich.

In the gasoline price, many people would come to a stress limit. Also the electricity price was last climbed to ever new highs. This trend also increases the mobility and burden mainly people with small income. The Federal Government should therefore check your control model. Finally, they are taxes and duties that made the majority of fuel and energy prices, so Muller. The high prices would also mean a large competitive disadvantage for the German car industry. Who the 800.000 Jobs endanger there, put the prosperity of the country on the game.

The VDA President defends the dragging expansion of the shop network for the reluctant male. Instead of the required 2000 new charging points per week, only about 300 would be set up. For the energy change now all “the sleeves roll up” should now. With regard to delivery bottlenecks as a result of Corona Muller also warned more active foreign policy. These must be used for commodity and trade agreements in order to secure the supply for the future.

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5 thoughts on “VDA boss: Mobility may not be a privilege for rich”

  1. How desperately someone is, it shows up which voice tube she uses.
    However, this language tube also reflects very good Mrs. Muller’s credibility &# 128521;

  2. Now she already asks a right to the car. An unconditional basic car for everyone, so you still have the last bike path parked.

  3. Landes have certainly the right to be mobile in their living environment. But what I’m talking to you is that right to live nicely in the countryside – and then by car to work, for shopping and amusement as far as in the city to drive, that you only have to fall out of the car and you are there. In the future, the cities of pendulum traffic must be clearly relieved.

  4. A car in the countryside is of course comfortable, without a look at departure times and stops, without loads towing and without strange people very private under his own tin roof is a fine thing.

    A larger car is more convenient because you can constantly carry all sorts of crims. And the “prestige”, which some people need, rises with the size and equipment of the vehicles as well.

    Since I no longer have to go to work, no gardening tools, Fall-fraud O.a. must transport, the car has become unnecessary for me, because the supermarket and much others are in place or can be ordered online online and even more cheaper.

    In the future, I can well imagine that with well-developed bike paths or. Wheel roads, the car a large part in the city and in nearby areas, if it is not to hilly, is replaced by covered, car-like pedelecs for passenger and load transport.

    At environmental protection, the resources also play a major role. If no 2 tons (or more) need to be produced and moved to vehicle empty weight, then you only need a fraction of steel, aluminum, plastics, batteries, etc., The transport quantities of these materials also sink dramatically and it is used much less fossil energy and eco-electricity – less is more.

  5. There will be typical D, mobility = car required, but that’s the madwitz of the century! If I think of all the cities without sheet in the center – life quality pure, I do not even like in German cities (sheet trays)!


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