VDA demands “Green Energy charging stream, reasonable prices”

VDA demands

The construction of charging pillars in the European Union runs too slow from the point of view of the EU Court of Auditors, too unevenly and to the durable to help electric cars within the community. The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) assumes this statement in order to express its concerns regarding the development of the charging infrastructure in Germany and Europe.

Hildegard Muller, President of the Association of the Automotive Industry VDA, gives you to understand: “E-mobility needs more confidence in the expansion of the shop network. Citizens have to have safety to load their electric vehicles everywhere. Many regions in Germany do not yet offer this security, in most European countries, the charging infrastructure is completely underdeveloped.”

The declared goal was to achieve a million charging columns until 2025. To classify it is said that while the number of charging columns in the EU of 34.000 in 2014 to 250.000 grown in September 2020. But continue at the same pace, the goal of one million public pillars 2025 could be clearly misspelled. To achieve it would have to be available every year 150.000 pillars are built – that would be 3.000 new charging points per week.

If the EU wants to further increase the requirements for the fleet limit values, it must also provide an ambitious and binding program for the expansion of the charging infrastructure, for all over Europe. The criticism of the European Court of Auditors demonstrates that the charging infrastructure is by no means distributed evenly in the 27 EU countries: 69 percent of the charging points are located in three countries – Germany, France, Netherlands. Hildegard Muller therefore demands: “Gelder from the EU construction plan must be quickly used everywhere in Europe for the charging infrastructure of electromobility.”

“The reminder of the European Court of Auditors is a wake up call for European politics. The EU Commission must now provide a plan for the expansion of charging infrastructure throughout Europe. Without a rapid expansion of the charging options in all EU countries, we will not reach climate-neutral mobility up to 2050.”- Hildegard Muller, President of the Association of the Automotive Industry VDA

Muller also supports the urgency of her statement that the company consulting delotance has stated that consumer uncertainty is increasing with regard to charging options: 2020 gave 41 percent of respondents to prefer an alternative drive at the next purchase of an automobile. In 2019, the number of those left at 51 percent. As the greatest concern in the acquisition of an electric vehicle, 22 percent of consumers called the missing charging options.

Furthermore, it is still the case that the Federal Court of Audit is the fact that electricity needs for e-mobility will far exceed the previously planned capacities from sustainable energy production: “If the German Federal Rights Office considers the expansion of renewable energies with concern, this should be an incentive for The energy industry. We need more charging stream from renewable energies and at reasonable prices, “says Hildegard Muller. The Federal Court of Auditors judges that since the last balance of 2018 has been too little done to successfully make the energy transition successfully.

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8 thoughts on “VDA demands “Green Energy charging stream, reasonable prices””

  1. The VDA is only a stems that turns into the wind, however, the VDA has recently removed against e-mobility and done everything to prevent it and now suddenly this 180 ° turn! No No The VDA is absolutely unbelievable

  2. Charging current must not cost more than 20 cents. And this is adjustable, feasible anyway, because electricity is sold far above the price traded on the electricity stock market.
    Who wants to fight the pollution offers the green stream at prices from the “subsidized” fossil energy source, which is converted to 6 to 8 cents per kWh.
    With an already low price reduction in the electricity, there would hardly be car promotions, and the Phevs would disappear right away, as uneconomical.

  3. So the VDA Hildegard brings their concerns With regard to the development of the loading infrastructure in Germany and Europe, expressed in a kind Double strategy So quite exceptional

    • Responsibility and costs for others overwhelting and also
    • simultaneously by the probedes of the already existing charging structure (too much and too expensive) the consistent crossing for e-mobility at least in -D- delay!
  4. Maybe the VDA has read here in this forum times, what we consider about calling the state constantly ;-). For more recently, he calls on the energy industry to provide sufficient charging stream. That’s good. Amazing, but is that he demands a reasonable electricity price. Does the VDA do not know that the biggest prize driver is ionity? Ionity is a merger of car manufacturers (VW, Mercedes etc.) And exactly these are members in the VDA and will be represented by him.

    So Dear VDA: Make first before your own door and ensure that one’s own members behave as well as you demand it from the energy industry and lower the charging trip prices to a reasonable level.

  5. Are not central members of the VDA also the central owners of ionity?

    So the President of the association publicly admits that its own members do not make their job properly and Ionity does not expand fast enough and then still have the highest prices on the market.

    Self-criticism is the first step in recovery and I’m looking forward to the increased expansion plan of ionity ..

  6. On the “Association of Dubious Exhaust System“I do not want to go!.

    The Favorable eco flow for E-car Become motorists In the future via solar cell modules produce around 60% yourself if you have around 14.000 km a year. The rest will hopefully give employers, building and supermarkets. Wallbox owner invite you to the house flow rate or cheaper.

    A Little circle of long-distance vehicles with thick E-SUVs will still have to load the expensive stream on the highways, but the average driver does not have to worry about that.

  7. The VDA is the association that spreads news again and again, which are completely pointless.
    At the beginning of the year, the VDA said: The automotive industry is very bad!
    VW and all German corporations have announced a day later billions.
    The VDA spreads uncertainty as soon as it comes to survival of dirtiest burning technology. Again, reminders for green electricity.
    You can only laugh about it if it is not about our health and the life of our offspring on this planet.
    VDA: Creates the dirty technology (burner) that makes us sick and fill only the bags of greedy board bosses and shareholders.

  8. One should not think about euphoric. At the moment, the public charging columns funded by three to four years are reduced.
    CDU mayor say on demand: The community is not there e-motorists to deliver the charging current. They should do that at home??
    What is about this, mobility prevention?
    Or do the CDU politicians do not earn anything, nothing goes into their own pocket?


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