VDA demands massive expansion of the European charging infrastructure

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VDA demands massive expansion of the European charging infrastructure-infrastructure

On the 22. Technical Congress of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) called VDA President Hildegard Muller a massive expansion of the shop network throughout Europe. “We implement the Parisian climate goals and are already European champion with e-mobility. The cars come on the market, now the shop has to be expanded, “says Muller. If the EU Commission wants to change the CO2 values for the vehicle sector in June, she says, with a view to the tightening of the exhaust standard Euro 7, they must at the same time submit a detailed expansion plan for a Europe-wide charging infrastructure. “And it has to flow in the shop’s electricity, because nobody wants to refuel his electric car with coal stream,” said the VDA boss. An EU-wide charging network expansion plan would be an important prerequisite for changing the fleet limits.

So far, according to VDA of 27 EU countries, only three – Germany, the Netherlands and France – at all have a significant supply of charging points and discussing the necessary expansion: they account for 82 percent of the charging points throughout the EU. Muller, however, says that even in these countries still catch up. “For us, it is clear: In line with the Parisian climate goals, we want climate-neutral mobility by 2050 at the latest. This is ambitious, but feasible when there is the right conditions.”

The VDA President pointed out in the context that the German Group brands will soon double their model offer on E-cars – from currently 70 to 150 to the end of 2023: “For the buyers, it must also be clear from the outset that they have their e- Vehicle can load fast and CO2-free, in Germany and throughout Europe.”Muller spoke again on the Technical Congress of the VDA for technology-offness. All options would also be needed for climate contactors, including hydrogen and climate-neutral synthetic fuels (E-Fuels): “Our claim is therefore to think about climate protection and industrial policy. Only in this way we protect the climate, make Europe future-proof, secure prosperity and deliver innovation.”

The Technical Congress of the VDA is one of the most important industry treffs in Europe, which will digitally conduct Coronabaded this year. He is under the motto: “With technology and innovation for climate neutrality”. Among the speakers and panel participants, in addition to representatives of the automotive and chemical industry, as well as the IT industry – Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, the Parliamentary State Secretaries Thomas Meib (BMWi) and Florian Pronold (BMU) , Cem Ozdemir, Chairman of the Bundestag Committee for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, and Kai Bliesener, Industry Coordinator Automotive and Supply Industry in the IG Metal Board.

“A mega task, but inevitable for competitiveness and climate protection”

The green politician CEM Ozdemir, MDB and chairman of the Federal Anniversary Committee for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, said in the digital event that “urgently needed ecological modernization together with the companies and the employees” must be designed. The conversion to emission-free mobility and digitization is “a mega task, but inevitable for competitiveness and climate protection”. Therefore, too, “a stronger orientation from politics” should be offered, so Ozdemir: “Instead of individual car summees, we need a strategic dialogue in the federal government, who is open and honest, that the fossil burner has an end date, but then reliably enters the Transformation to make success for the people, the companies and the climate. The time is pushing, and the international competition is not waiting.”

Dr. Joachim Damascy, VDA Managing Director, said that the digitization of the car industry “for companies, road traffic and customers enormous opportunities” offer: “Mobility is thus more ecological, more flexible, more efficient and safer”. The technology leadership in digital offers will “more and more to a crucial location factor”, and Damascy would welcome when Germany would drive a pioneer in the field of autonomous.

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  1. “Germany a pioneer” In addition, Germany should first catch up with the residue to the competitors and are not constantly shaped by technology-reliance (less talk more)

  2. Why is the VDA screaming after the EU or. the state? Building the charging stations is not a state task. This must regulate the industry, primarily the energy suppliers. They also want to quit the yields. The path of ionity, only 300 million taxpayers collect and then take out the electric drivers like Christmas Geese is shameful!
    Where remains the federal government of taxpayers?


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